Citizen-facing mobile applications for city resident transportation convenience and safety.  Sustainable Streets charts DOT's progress in making streets safer, improving mobility, and maintaining and enhancing infrastructure since 2007.  DOTMap Portal shows alternate-side parking schedules and other parking rules on a map. Data concerning street resurfacing projects as well as construction and reconstruction projects can also be reviewed. iRideNYC shows multiple modes of transportation: subways, busses, bikes as well as walking and offer live data about them.  Superstorm Sandy Damage Assessment App – built for rapidly damaging assessment of Sandy.



This solution involves moving disaster recovery (DR) from traditional, expensive, premises-based, manual fail over to an automated, pay-as-you-go, cloud-based fail over. It automates most of the critical processes for the deployment of pilot light DR on AWS, making pilot light DR on AWS a compelling alternative to secondary data centers.

The ‘Smart Airport Experience’ project was funded by the government-run Technology Strategy Board in the UK and implemented at London City Airport, working with a technology team led by Living PlanIT SA. The goal of the project was to demonstrate how Internet of Things technologies could be used to both enhance customer experiences and improve operational efficiency at a popular business airport which already offers fast check-in to boarding times. The project used the Living PlanIT Urban Operating System (UOS™) hosted in an AWS environment as the backbone for real-time data collection, processing, analytics, marshalling and event management.

Enter an address, parcel, place name or permit number or click on a map and be shown government held information on that property including official address, parcel number, property value, last sales price, build year, full permitting history, development plans, zoning, historic preservation survey results, elected officials representing the area, etc.

Stores off-site, out of state backup of our key datasets on S3 and software on EC2. Important for an earthquake zone like San Francisco, a point that was very important to our senior management and a deal maker in persuading them to fund the project.

HunchLab is a predictive policing solution that helps police departments to use their resources more effectively by applying machine learning to forecast crime and then promoting evidence-based policing in these high-risk areas. HunchLab’s methodology fuses many crime theories and data sets into one picture of risk. The system automatically incorporates recent crime events, temporal cycles such as day of week and season, the weather, and geographic locations such as bars and schools to produce a forecast. The system uses these crime patterns when appropriate without requiring a police department to have a statistician on staff.

Utilizing Amazon AWS cloud-based infrastructure to provide data management and reporting, N_SIGHT IQ intelligent data and analytics communicate critical information in real time. Utilities can leverage their operational intelligence, identifying historic trends to better forecast and plan by analyzing up to ten years of detailed consumption data. Utilities can also allow their end-use customers to better monitor and manage their own water consumption using an optional web portal. N_SIGHT IQ provides advanced data analysis and reporting, long-term data retention, and web-presentment – all without the need to invest in additional servers or infrastructure.

ePropertyPlus® is the leading property inventory management solution designed for municipalities to effectively manage community revitalization. ePropertyPlus increases operational efficiency, and provides a higher level of customer service, increased transparency, and online services to the public.

ePropertyPlus manage’s the big picture by evaluating overall progress with comprehensive geospatial mapping, service provider selection, cost accumulation, and more in a single, central repository. While also managing the property level details. All property data is at your fingertips, including every attachment, photo, note, service, and application submitted.

The low cost cloud-based SaaS delivery makes ePropertyPlus easy to acquire, deploy, and update.

DKAN is an open source, Drupal-based open data platform with a full suite of cataloging, publishing and visualization features that allows governments, nonprofits and universities to publish data to the public. With DKAN, governments can easily upload bulk, static datasets in a variety of formats and host dynamic, ever-changing application programming interfaces. This publicly available data can be accessed by developers, researchers, journalists and entrepreneurs for a range of purposes. Other features include data search, dataset grouping by category, work-flow management, and commenting and feedback. Uploaded data can be viewed by grid or visualizations, including graphs, charts and maps.