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Announcing the Regional 2024 AWS Partner Award Winners in ASEAN

Asia’s economic recovery this year, while modest, is on track to achieving a soft landing, giving countries and businesses across the region reason to be cautiously optimistic. During good times and bad, the AWS Partner Network (APN) serves as crucial strategic advisors to any digital transformation initiative. These technology experts help customers cost-effectively innovate with bespoke industry-focused solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This year’s ASEAN AWS Partner Awards ceremony was held in Bangkok. At the ceremony, we celebrated our partners from across Southeast Asia who helped organizations make data-driven decisions, save costs with software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, achieve AWS Certifications, and get the very best out of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud.

“We are proud to announce and acknowledge the ASEAN AWS Partners of 2024 that are helping customers accelerate innovation, develop industry-focused solutions, and build resilience amid the current evolving economic climate,” said Kirsten Gilbertson, Partner Organization Leader, AWS ASEAN. “AWS Partners are the force multiplier to accelerate cloud transformation in the region and drive local economic growth. With our partners, AWS remains committed to helping customers address industry needs and drive positive business and societal outcomes by leveraging our secure global infrastructure for latest generative-AI, analytics, and machine learning technologies.”

“This year, we are delighted to see our ASEAN AWS Partners support customers through large-scale cloud migrations and modernizations to scale their business and upskill their teams to deepen digital transformation as they work with our customers to manage ever-changing business outcomes,” Kirsten added.

Please join us in congratulating these AWS Partners for their success!


ASEAN Global Software Partner of the Year 

MongoDB wins the Global Software Partner of the year award for the second year in a row, for having the most joint customer wins and highest revenue contribution to AWS in the region. This included successfully increasing the number of AWS customers deploying mission critical workloads on MongoDB’s Atlas platform running on AWS in the past year and driving more transactions via AWS Marketplace than any other ISV partner in Southeast Asia.


ASEAN Local Software Partner of the Year 

Headquartered in Singapore, Accredify is a pioneer in verifiable technology solutions that create, issue, and verify tamper-proof digital documents. Leveraging the power of AWS, Accredify has emerged as a forerunner in the education technology and government services space, transforming how institutions, governments, students, and citizens engage with digital credentials and verifications. The company’s unwavering commitment to accelerate innovation with AWS is evident. It joined three AWS Partner Network (APN) programs – AWS Public Sector Partner, AWS ISV Accelerate, and the AWS Partner Transformation Program, and rapidly deployed new AWS services like generative AI-Powered assistant, Amazon Q, in the past 12 months. Accredify’s dedication, expertise, and deep understanding of the digital document industry have made the company a trusted regional partner in driving digital transformation and empowering public sector organizations to thrive in the digital age, gaining four new customer references in the past year.


ASEAN GSI Partner of the Year

Global professional services company Accenture wins the ASEAN GSI Partner of the Year for the fourth time in a row this year. Serving a diverse range of clients across the region, Accenture helps the world’s leading businesses, governments, and other organizations build their digital core, optimize their operations, accelerate revenue growth, and enhance citizen services with AWS capabilities. With AWS, Accenture is delivering digital transformation for its clients and achieving new AWS Certifications in 2023. In 2024, Accenture is expanding its footprint across the public and commercial sectors to meet clients’ core business challenges and drive growth with AWS.

eCloudvalley Technology

ASEAN Consulting Partner of the Year

eCloudvalley Technology wins for its contribution as the largest Pan-ASEAN launch partner in 2023, serving more than 500 AWS customers across the region. Operating in Southeast Asia since 2018, eCloudvalley is a 100% dedicated AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with eight AWS competencies, of which four were acquired in 2023, including the AWS SMB Competency, and the AWS Level One Managed Security Services Provider Competency. Notably, 12 customers trusted eCloudvalley with large transformative migrations to AWS last year, including fast food chain Jollibee and ecommerce company iPrice.

Partner of the Year – Philippines 

eCloudvalley Technology wins the AWS Partner of the Year Philippines award for the fourth year in a row. This AWS Partner is recognized for achieving significant revenue growth in Philippines, driven by earning trust and helping customers innovate on AWS. Customers across industries like retail, telco, FSI, manufacturing, consumer goods, real estate, aviation, public sector, and others have trusted eCloudvalley to migrate and modernize on AWS to improve business efficiency, resilience, scalability, and profitability.

Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited

ASEAN Rising Star of the Year (SI) 

Metro Systems Corporation (MSC) demonstrated exceptional prowess in leveraging AWS to drive digital transformation for its clients last year. Since becoming an AWS Partner in 2019, MSC has achieved remarkable expansion, with its AWS business witnessing double-digit growth in revenue for three consecutive years. In 2023, MSC’s AWS practice soared to new heights, with a 91% increase in opportunities created and a 69% growth in launched opportunities. MSC also achieved the AWS Digital Workplace competency, which helps customers find highly specialized AWS Partners who offer solutions on AWS that effectively support remote workers and business continuity. This is a testament to MSC’s expertise in delivering the latest cloud solutions that enhance workforce productivity and collaboration.

AsiaPac Technology

Partner of the Year – Singapore 

This year’s Singapore Partner of the Year award goes to AsiaPac Technology. This AWS Partner contributed materially to the Singapore market in the last 12 months, with large migration wins, new customer acquisition, and strong revenue growth. In the last year alone, AsiaPac Technology has displayed an unwavering commitment to accelerating innovation with AWS. This is evident in the company attaining new APN competencies, publishing use cases, being culturally aligned with AWS on employee development, and holding Customer Obsession at the forefront.


Partner of the Year – Malaysia

G-AsiaPacific, a born in the cloud company that celebrated a decade as an AWS Partner last year, wins the award for the third time, having been selected in 2019 and 2021. In 2023 alone, G-AsiaPacific helped 43 customers with their cloud transformation across diversified segments from enterprise, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and even startups. G-AsiaPacific outperformed most of the award criteria, with the highest revenue contribution, the most AWS Marketplace wins, and the most customer references published in 2023.


Partner of the Year – Thailand 

Thailand’s Partner of the Year award goes to DailiTech, a local cloud native company with a decade of partnership with AWS. DailiTech consistently demonstrated exceptional performance year on year, driving business growth with successful migrations across various sectors in Thailand. This AWS Partner’s customer obsession, expertise, and commitment to excellence earned trust from customers across industries including banking, insurance, telecommunication, manufacturing, and retail, leading to three new customer references and testimonials being published in the last 12 months.

PT. Innovation Cloud Services

Partner of the Year – Indonesia

For the second year in a row, the winner of this year’s Services Partner of the Year Indonesia is PT Innovation Cloud Services. PT Innovation has contributed significantly to the Indonesian market, helping 57 new customers start innovating with AWS in 2023. PT Innovation is helping industry leaders in FinTech, media, and healthcare achieve commercial success and improve the security, scalability, flexibility, and reliability of their mission-critical IT systems. As a local service integrator (SI), PT Innovation joined the AWS Marketplace Channel Program (CPPO), the AWS Training Partner Program, and attained two new competencies – the AWS Migration Competency and AWS Resilience Competency last year. The company also shares AWS’s principle of keeping Customer Obsession at the forefront. This is demonstrated by its consistency in championing customers’ successes, with more than four new customer references published in the last 12 months.

Renova Cloud

Partner of the Year – Vietnam

The winner of this year’s AWS Partner of the Year Vietnam is, for the second year in a row, Renova Cloud Company Limited. This AWS Advanced Consulting Partner wins for its rapid business growth and accelerating cloud migrations. Through its relentless focus on customers, Renova Cloud won three key migration projects in 2023 with top automotive and manufacturing customers and is helping industry leaders like VinGroup achieve commercial success and improve the security, scalability, flexibility, and reliability of their mission-critical IT systems. The AWS Partner has a strong skillset in consulting, migration and modernization, DevOps, managed services, and data analytics. In 2023, Renova Cloud achieved the AWS Migration Consulting Competency and will attain the AWS DevOps competency this July. Renova Cloud also shares AWS’s principle of keeping Customer Obsession at the forefront.

DG Global Technology

Partner of the Year Emerging Markets

The winner of this year’s AWS Partner of the Year Emerging Markets award is DG Global Technology (DG) for its remarkable contributions to Cambodia’s digital business landscape. Within eight months of its establishment, DG attained the coveted Advanced Tier Consulting and SPP partner status. The AWS Partner’s proactive approach and emphasis on migration have resulted in the initiation of five migration acceleration programs (MAPs) in the last year alone. This recognition underscores DG’s dedication and effectiveness in harnessing AWS to drive innovation and progress in emerging markets like Cambodia.