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Meet Chef, Datapipe, Pegasystems, Smartronix, and Software AG – AWS Partner Success Videos

Through the end of 2015, we’ll be publishing a number of new AWS Partner Success videos that highlight the success that some of our top Consulting and Technology Partners have found working with the AWS Partner Network. You can find all of our AWS Partner videos here, and today I’m excited to highlight the videos we’ve released this week, featuring Competency Partners, Premier Consulting Partners, and all-in Technology Partners.


AWS DevOps Competency Partner 

Chef, an Advanced AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partner, specializes in turning Enterprise infrastructure into code. Soo Choi, Senior Director of Business Development at Chef, discusses how the concept of DevOps has matured due to the efforts of AWS, and discusses how working as an APN Partner helps the Chef team focus its resources on developing best-in-breed products for its Enterprise customers.

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AWS Premier Consulting Partner, AWS Managed Service Partner, AWS Microsoft Competency Partner

Datapipe is a Premier APN Consulting Partner, and provides customers with managed hosting, security, and IT services. Karl Reeves, Director of Professional Services at Datapipe, discusses why the company chose to work with AWS. Datapipe works with a number of customers with a need for hybrid IT solutions, and found AWS to be the perfect choice for the firm to engage because of AWS Direct Connect, and because AWS provides Datapipe with the ability to meet complex customer demands.

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AWS Healthcare Competency Partner, All-in Technology Partner 

Willy Fox, VP of Cloud Product & Commercialization at Pegasystems, an Advanced Technology Partner, discusses why the company chose to go all-in with AWS, and the benefits Pegasystems has realized by going all-in. He also discusses how working with the APN has driven innovation into Pegasystems, through both go-to-market (GTM) models and technology capabilities.

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AWS Premier Consulting Partner, AWS Managed Service Partner, AWS DevOps and Microsoft Competency Partner

Smartronix is a Premier APN Consulting Partner and an AWS Managed Service Partner. Sean McCarron, VP of Sales at Smartronix, discusses how using AWS has allowed Smartronix to innovate across a number of offerings, and touch a larger base of customers with automated services. McCarron also discusses how Smartronix has leveraged the APN Acceleration and POC Program, and the benefits of being a Premier APN Consulting Partner.

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Software AG 

All-in Technology Partner 

Jeffrey Weiner, VP, Business Development, North American Partners for Software AG, discusses why the company chose to become an APN Technology Partner and go all-in with AWS. As an Advanced APN Partner, Software AG has been able to increase its operational efficiency and has been able to pursue a number of joint go-to-market opportunities.

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