AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program

Qualified APN Partners delivering AWS Cloud services as business solutions to AWS Customers.

Why Join the AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Program?

The AWS MSP Partner Program provides qualified APN Partners with technical and business benefits to deliver AWS Cloud services as business solutions to AWS Customers.

The program is designed for APN Consulting Partners who are skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration, and deliver value to customers by offering proactive monitoring, automation, and management of their customer’s environment.

The APN MSP Partner Journey Roadmap provides APN Partners clear steps and milestones on how to reach AWS MSP program achievement.

Learn more about the AWS MSP Partner Program, benefits, and how to get started below.

Why Partner with an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP)
AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program Customer Testimonial

AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program Customer Testimonial

Hear from APN partner SCTG, and their customer, Florence Group, as they share their insights on the value of the APN MSP and how it’s helped them transform their businesses.

APN Consulting Partner Benefits & Requirements

Business Benefits

  • Eligible for Free AWS Usage Credits for Development
  • Eligible for Free AWS Usage Credits for Customer Proof of Concepts
  • Access to NDA Roadmap Webinars

Marketing Benefits

  • Co-Participation at AWS & Industry Events
  • Sales Team Showcase
  • Eligible for marketing Funds, Programs, & Campaigns
  • Access to exclusive MSP Marketing Campaigns and Content

Enablement Benefits

  • Eligible for AWS Professional Services Workshops
  • Access to MSP Best Practices Guides, Whitepapers, & Resource Library
  • Eligible for Additional AWS Training Subsidies
  • Reduced Price Certification Bootcamp Class and Free Practice Exam Voucher

AWS MSP Partner Program Prerequisites

APN Membership Advanced or Premier APN Consulting Partner (view requirements)
Customer Engagements ≥ 4 AWS Customer References, including at least 2 publicly referenceable
MSP Validation Completed self-assessment using the AWS MSP Partner Program Validation Checklist

Getting Started

  • Step #1: APN Membership
  • Step #2: Build Practice
  • Step #3: Prepare for Validation
  • Step #4: Apply for the AWS MSP Partner Program
  • Step #1: APN Membership
  • Register as an APN Partner

    To get started as a AWS MSP Partner, you must register as an AWS Consulting Partner with the AWS Partner Network (APN) and upgrade to the Select Tier (formerly Standard Tier). Follow the steps below to complete APN registration and receive access to APN Partner Central.

    New Partners - Register

    New Partners - Register

    Need Support Accessing APN Partner Central? If your firm is already a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), use the links below to access APN Partner Central:

    Have Additional Questions? Search the APN Knowledge Base.
  • Step #2: Build Practice
  • Build AWS Practice

    In order to qualify to the AWS Managed Service Provider Program, APN Partners must demonstrate the skills and knowledge to effectively leverage AWS solutions to their customers. APN Partners interested in applying to the program are encouraged to utilize the below tools to build their AWS practice.

    Training & Enablement

    • Earn APN Partner Accreditations: APN offers APN Partners e-learning courses to help technical and business individuals to deepen their knowledge of AWS services. Accreditation courses are available online via the APN Portal at no cost.
    • Earn AWS Certifications: Get validation for your proven experience with AWS. AWS Certifications recognize IT professionals who demonstrate the skills and technical knowledge necessary for designing, deploying, and managing applications on AWS. We offer certification across technical roles and levels of proficiency. Visit the AWS Certification page to learn more.
    • Refer to AWS Reference Architecture Center: Apply guidance and best practices from the AWS Architecture Center to build highly scalable and reliable applications in the AWS Cloud.

    AWS Support

    • Sign up for AWS Support: AWS recommends that all partners have at least baseline technical support from AWS in order to serve their end customers on AWS. To select an AWS Support plan to best fit your firm’s needs, please review Support Plans and pricing here.

    Advance APN Membership

    Upgrade your APN Membership: Once your firm meets APN’s Select Tier requirements, apply to upgrade to receive additional APN benefits. Partners interested in upgrading their APN membership, can submit their application by following the below steps:

  • Step #3: Prepare for Validation
  • Prepare for Partner Validation

    An essential component of the AWS MSP Partner Program is the partner capabilities audit. The audit process is based on the criteria outlined in the AWS MSP Partner Validation Checklist and will be performed by an independent third party.

    Step #1: Perform Self-Assessment

    Step #2: Prepare for Audit

    • Gather objective evidence corresponding to the checklist items, to be shared as a part of the audit.
    • Compile list of required participants and potential dates for the audit to occur.

    Step #3: Send Completed Self-Assessment

    • Send completed self-assessment to when you are ready to schedule your capabilities audit.

    Note: The APN Partner’s cost for the Managed Service Provider Partner Program audit will be $3,000 USD, plus auditor travel costs paid to the auditing firm.

  • Step #4: Apply for the AWS MSP Partner Program
  • Apply for the AWS MSP Partner Program

    APN Partners who’ve demonstrated success on AWS are encouraged to apply for the AWS MSP Partner Program. Follow the steps below to submit your firm’s application:

    • Update Partner Scorecard: Before submitting your application, please make sure your firm’s Partner Scorecard is up-to-date. To access your Partner Scorecard, log in to APN Partner Central and click on “View Partner Scorecard” found in the left navigation.
    • Complete AWS MSP Partner Program Application: Complete the final step by submitting the AWS MSP Partner Program application. Note: You will not see the AWS Managed Service Provider Partner Program application in your APN Scorecard until program prerequisites are met.
    • Log in to APN Partner Central as the Alliance Lead
    • Select “View My APN Account” from the left side of the page
    • Scroll to “Program Details” section
    • Select “Update” next to AWS MSP Program
    • Fill out Program Application & Click “Submit”
    • Email completed Self-Assessment to

    If you have any questions regarding the above instructions, please contact your Partner Development Rep/Manager.

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