The AWS SaaS Partner Program provides APN Technology Partners with support as they build, launch, and grow SaaS solutions on AWS.

Partners who deliver applications via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enable users to utilize their software solution over the internet. APN Technology Partners who develop SaaS solutions and utilize a SaaS-based software licensing and delivery model are encouraged to apply for the Program.

Learn more about the SaaS Partner Program and how to get started below.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery is the mechanism to deliver continuous innovation. The AWS platform provides the low cost, reliable and secure way to deliver single and multi-tenant SaaS solutions.

The launch of the global AWS SaaS Partner Program provides a series of benefits designed to help you build and grow SaaS solutions on AWS. As your business evolves, AWS will be there to provide the business and technical enablement support you need.

The benefits are structured in a maturity lifecycle: Learn, Build, Grow. Below is an outline of the benefits that we offer at each stage of the Learn, Build, Grow lifecycle.

In the Learn stage, you have access to SaaS business and technical enablement content in the form of articles, whitepapers, blog posts, and refererence architecture. The SaaS Partner Program Webcasts provide short video overviews to recap and extend the business and technical enablement content.

The Build stage offers SaaS Office Hours. These are live sessions held with AWS business and technical leaders. You can also take advantage of the Innovation Sandbox. This benefit enables you to apply for credits to be used for new SaaS offering development and / or test environments.

The Grow Stage provides you with benefits such as the SaaS Quick Start, which enables the customer with you, the SaaS partner, by providing Quick Start Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions on AWS. Quick Start enables your customers to quickly and easily explore the benefits of using your SaaS software on AWS in a pre-configured environment. The SaaS Pilot benefit enables approved SaaS Partners to request AWS Service credits to be used by your customers to "kick the tires" of your SaaS offering. This way, there is a lower barrier of entry for your customer to try your offering. The AWS Marketplace SaaS Listings benefit enables you to list your SaaS offerings on AWS Marketplace. This provides a channel for you to acquire new customers, grow revenue and drive awareness about your SaaS offerings.

Please review the Launch Announcement on the APN blog post for more details



In addition to benefits you receive as an APN partner, qualified SaaS Partners are eligible for a wide range of benefits to support their efforts through the various stages of developing and growing successful SaaS offerings. Stages and benefits may include:

  • Collaborate with an Exclusive Community of APN SaaS Partners
  • Access to Technical Experts to Assist with Best Practices and General Guidance
  • Access to AWS Consulting Partner Ecosystem
  • Access to Innovation Sandbox Credits
  • Access to Partner Training Programs
  • Access to Saas Enablement Content
  • APN Advanced Technology Partners are Eligible for Go-To-Market Funding

To get started in the AWS SaaS Partner Program, partners must register as a Technology Partner with the AWS Partner Network (APN). Follow the steps below to complete APN registration and receive access to the APN Portal.

  • Log in to the APN Portal: Once registered, your firm will receive an email with your APN Portal login credentials and temporary password. Using those credentials, log in to the APN Portal
  • Update Partner Scorecard: Track your firm’s AWS success (customer wins, training, etc.) via your Partner Scorecard in the APN Portal

Have Additional Questions? Search the APN Knowledge Base.

APN Technology Partners who have existing or plans for SaaS offerings on AWS are encouraged to apply for the AWS SaaS Partner Program. Follow the steps below to submit your firm’s application:

  • Submit SaaS Partner Program Application:
    • Login to the APN Portal
    • Click on "View My APN Account"
    • Scroll to "Program Details"
    • Click on "Update" by AWS SaaS Partner Program
    • Fill out the Application Form and Click "Submit".

Once your application has been submitted, a member of the APN Technology Partner Team will reach out with next steps.

The AWS SaaS Partner Program is designed to assist APN Technology Partners as they conceive, build and grow their SaaS offerings on AWS. Partners interested in the program are encouraged to utilize the below tools to build their AWS practice.

  • APN Webcasts for SaaS Partners: Take advantage of the APN Webcasts for SaaS Partners which are focused on educating and enabling partners on technical, marketing, and business topics for building SaaS offerings. Register and learn more here.
  • SaaS Partner Office Hours: Leverage the opportunity to speak directly to the SaaS Partner Team during the SaaS Partner Office Hours, held twice a month. SaaS Partners will receive a registration link for the Office Hours. The content will serve as follow up material for the APN Webcasts for SaaS Partners. The moderated Q&A will also address technical and business questions about the SaaS program.
  • Download SaaS Partner Content: Search from a repository of partner-focused technical and business content designed to support your firm in building SaaS offerings. The content includes technical whitepapers, reference architectures, and current presentations. Log in to the APN Portal to download content at any time.

  • Earn APN Partner Accreditations: APN offers partners e-learning courses to help technical and business individuals to deepen their knowledge of AWS services. Accreditation courses are available online via the APN Portal at no cost.
  • Earn AWS Certifications: Get validation for your proven experience with AWS. AWS Certifications recognize IT professionals who demonstrate the skills and technical knowledge necessary for designing, deploying, and managing applications on AWS. We offer certification across technical roles and levels of proficiency. Visit the AWS Certification page to learn more.
  • Sign up for AWS Support: AWS recommends that all partners have at least baseline technical support from AWS in order to serve their end customers on AWS. To select an AWS Support plan to best fit your firm’s needs, please review Support Plans and pricing here.

  • Upgrade your APN Membership: Once your firm meets APN’s Standard tier requirements, apply to Upgrade to receive additional APN benefits. Partners interested in Upgrading their APN membership, can submit their application by following the below steps:
    • Step #1: Log in to the APN Portal
    • Step #2: Click on "View Partner Scorecard" from left navigation
    • Step #3: Submit APN compliance details
    • Step #4: Click "Apply to Upgrade"
  • Co-Brand with AWS: Use of Powered by AWS in associated with your SaaS website (view guidelines).