AWS SaaS Boost

Jump-start your move to SaaS

What is AWS SaaS Boost?

AWS SaaS Boost is a ready-to-use open source reference environment that helps you as an Independent Software Vendor (ISVs) accelerate your move to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). From small specialized software businesses to large global solution providers, AWS SaaS Boost helps you accelerate moving your applications to AWS with minimal modifications. Build, provision, and manage your SaaS environment with greater confidence based on AWS best practices and proven patterns from hundreds of successful SaaS companies.

AWS SaaS Boost takes on the heavy lifting of launching your SaaS offering by guiding software builders through the migration and operational processes, making your move to SaaS as frictionless as possible. It provides you with ready-to-use core elements such as deployment automation, analytics and dashboards, billing, and metering.

Software builders can also share experiences and contribute to the evolution of the SaaS Boost roadmap by participating in the AWS SaaS Boost project.

Accelerate your move to SaaS

Giving SaaS a boost with open source

AWS SaaS Boost Benefits

Accelerate SaaS delivery

Simplify your build process and operations with ready-to-use essential SaaS elements, guidance to help you reduce development and experimentation time, and avoid common pitfalls.

Focus on core value

Preserve your core intellectual property by removing the complexities of building SaaS solutions. This enables you to free up your software teams to maximize innovation and agility for your customers.

Faster time-to-value

With the necessary building blocks to jump-start your journey to SaaS, you can significantly lower your upfront costs and reduce risks. Grow your topline revenue and meet customer demand with robust operational SaaS models and go-to-market strategies.

Scale with extensibility

The open source environment enables you to achieve economies of scale and flexibility to customize your SaaS solutions. It offers extensibility, easier product integrations, and ensures you are never locked into decisions.

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