AWS Partner Marketing Central

Access quick and easy marketing tools and resources that enable you to generate demand for your solutions on AWS


Marketing Central is a self-service marketing tool that allows you to easily customize and launch Partner Ready campaigns, find AWS preferred agencies that offer cost effective services, access digital courses on marketing education, or request the support of a virtual Partner Marketing Manager (vPMM).

Gain access to Marketing Central upon meeting the minimum validation criteria for the specific AWS Partner Paths your organization is enrolled in. Learn more about what's available and how to quickly get started below.

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Success with Marketing Central

  • Partner Ready Campaigns
  • Agency Connect
  • Concierge Service
  • Marketing Academy
  • Partner Ready Campaigns
  • Partner Ready Campaigns

    Partner Ready Campaigns

    AWS Partners can execute campaigns with customized content and connect with AWS preferred agencies that are well-versed in AWS Brand and messaging guidelines. Partner Ready campaigns can be executed right from within Marketing Central or assets can be customized and then downloaded to send from your own platform. Assets include landing pages, emails, social media kit, banner ads, case study templates, copy blocks, solution briefs, and more. Start increasing your brand visibility and attracting new prospects with AWS. Begin creating campaigns now by logging in to Marketing Central.

  • Agency Connect
  • Agency Connect

    Agency Connect

    Leverage preferred agencies to scale your AWS joint marketing efforts through custom marketing campaigns or through pre-negotiated service offers specifically developed for AWS Partners. Qualified Partners may avail of MDF benefits through this program.

    Agency Connect Overview

    Service Category
    Content development  Create high-quality content and assets, such as case study, e-book, whitepaper, solution brief, technical brief, co-messaging, email copy, web copy, and social media post copy.
    Paid media  Get support on paid media tactics such as display ads, search ads, SEO 
    Social Media  Work with an agency to create strategy and execute organic and paid social media, social media management 
    Webinar, Online events  Agencies can support your needs around webinars and online events including creation of slideware, registration page, landing page, webinar execution, demand generation content and design 
    Email  Leverage agencies to create email templates and design, execution via marketing automation tools 
    Web development  Update and maintain your web presence by engaging agencies for web development, landing pages, microsites, creating web copy, design 
    Content Lead Syndication  Agencies can syndicate content for you to generate guaranteed leads via demand generation content and design, landing pages, display ads 
    Telemarketing  Keep the momentum of awareness campaigns by engaging agencies to execute telemarketing for you and create battlecards, sales call scripts, first call deck for your sales teams 
    List buy  Engage agencies for list purchase and list enrichment services
    Email drip campaign  Engage agencies to nurture leads through email campaigns and develop email templates, design, customer journey, execution via marketing automation tools 
    Video/Demo  Create engaging videos and demos through agencies that support story boarding, script writing, editing and production, demand generation, promotion via organic social media/paid media/email 
  • Concierge Service
  • Marketing Concierge Service

    Marketing Concierge Service

    Need help getting started? Virtual Partner Marketing Managers (vPMMs) are available to provide assistance with marketing central, campaign development and execution, MDF utilization, and creating joint marketing plans.

    vPMMs are available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, LATAM Spanish, and Canadian French. To get started, contact the vPMM team today.

    Getting Started Walk-Through

    Learn about all of the resources available to you on Marketing Central and get a deep dive into the specific marketing tactics you are looking to execute.

    Campaign Set Up

    vPMMS can help execute a campaign quickly when you don’t have time to set it up.

    Accelerate Your Marketing Success

    The Marketing Concierge Service provides personalized guidance to help differentiate your brand, grow your footprint, simplify your AWS marketing execution efforts, and accelerate your pipeline.

  • Marketing Academy
  • Marketing Academy

    Marketing Academy

    This Academy offers self-service educational resources and online courses to help you market with AWS. These resources will help you develop, mature, and refine your marketing message to effectively communicate with your target audience.

    Course Name Description
    AWS Partner Marketing Offerings This course introduces each of the available AWS Partner Marketing programs, campaigns, and digital channels available to you as an AWS Partner. 
    Marketing Your Business Value to Customers This course discusses how AWS Partners can differentiate themselves in the market when speaking with prospects and customers. 
    Defining and Reaching Your Target Audience This course discusses the importance of discovering and understanding whom your target audience is and how to develop a plan to engage with the audience through marketing strategy and activities. 
    Setting Your Marketing Objectives This course will help develop a framework for your marketing plan. It will help you identify key marketing objectives to focus on growing your business. 
    Applying Use Cases and Sales Plays This course outlines the concept of use cases and how to develop them based on your target audience's needs. This course will also provide an insight into sales plays that will help your sales organization target customer use cases. 
    Aligning Marketing and Sales Toward Common Goals This course outlines how AWS Partners can align marketing and sales efforts through marketing and sales funnels. It will also include an overview of the APN Customer Programs (ACE). 
    Developing a Content Strategy to Support Your AWS Business This course educates AWS Partners on the importance of developing strong content that customers and prospects engage in and outline the different types of content AWS customers use. 

How to Access Marketing Central

Log in to AWS Partner Central

Visit the Marketing Tab

Under the Marketing tab in Partner Central, you'll find the login for Marketing Central along with information on AWS Sponsorships and Marketing Toolkits.

Select 'Launch'

Here you will be automatically signed into Marketing Central. If this is your first time logging in, you will be asked to verify your location before you are directed to AWS Partner Marketing Central.

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