APN Navigate

Helping AWS Partners transform their business one step at a time

APN Navigate is the AWS Partner Network’s (APN) enablement program that provides prescriptive guidance from trusted AWS experts on how to transform your business on AWS. It provides step-by-step instruction to help you build, market, and sell as an AWS Partner.

All AWS Partners can participate in the APN Navigate program to accelerate your business growth, regardless of where you are in your APN journey. APN Navigate equips partners with a roadmap, enablement tools, and resources to help you achieve your business goals.

APN Navigate

APN Navigate Foundations

New to the APN or a Registered Member?

APN Navigate Foundations is custom-built to help APN Registered Members establish your business on AWS and achieve AWS Select Tier, or if you have already selected ISV Partner Path, we can provide a focused experience to help you with your journey. Whatever your path is, APN Navigate Foundations includes with step-by-step guidance, packaged into a custom toolbox. Enter your toolbox below via your APN Partner Central account.

APN Navigate Benefits

Enable Your Business

Enable Your Business

Gain access to enablement content from trusted experts to transform your business on AWS.

Gain AWS Visibility

Gain AWS Visibility

Increase visibility with AWS and build connections with key AWS experts by sharing your organization’s progress.

Build Your Portfolio

Build Your Portfolio

Develop core go-to-market assets to highlight your expertise on AWS and earn trust with customers.

The APN Navigate Journey

If you are already an AWS Select Tier or above Partner looking to specialize in a specific service area, solution, or workload, choose the APN Navigate specialization track that best suits your business goals and follow the steps outlined below. These tracks are open to all AWS Partners, but we recommend that your organization be AWS Select Tier or higher to ensure the best experience.

If you are an APN Registered Member, we recommend starting with an APN Foundations track. These tracks provide a focused experience that will guide your organization step-by-step to achieving either AWS Select Tier or ISV Partner Path status, depending on which aligns to your business goals.

  • Step 1: Select your desired track
  • Step 2: Utilize your AWS Partner Goals Checklist
  • Step 3: Share your progress with AWS
  • Step 1: Select your desired track
  • Clicking the “Get Started” link of your desired track will lead you to that track’s unique APN Navigate Toolbox (APN Partner Central login required). Your toolbox contains three assets to guide your journey:
    1. AWS Partner Goals Checklist: This checklist is your step-by-step roadmap for understanding and executing the goals and milestones your organization must meet as you advance towards your intended business goal
    2. Deep Dive Resource Guide: This asset provides a list of resources that can aid your organization in building your AWS business, including additional business and technical enablement recommended by AWS experts
    3. Alliance Lead Cheat Sheet: This asset is intended for your organization’s Alliance Lead, providing helpful guidance in setting your organization up for success in APN Partner Central
  • Step 2: Utilize your AWS Partner Goals Checklist
  • Your APN Navigate Toolbox includes the AWS Partner Goals checklist, your step-by-step guide to achieving your business transformation goals on AWS. While your entire organization has access to the APN Navigate Toolbox, we ask that only the Alliance Lead or a designated individual from your organization submit activities via the checklist.

    How to use the AWS Partner Goals Checklist (as an Alliance Lead or designated individual):

    1. Download the AWS Partner Goals Checklist from your APN Navigate Toolbox
    2. Click on your desired activity for prescriptive how-to guidance
    3. Submit the checkpoint’s included form to provide AWS with visibility into your achievement
    4. Complete as many activities as needed to support your business transformation goals – work with your APN Contact to determine which exercises are best-suited to your organization’s needs
  • Step 3: Share your progress with AWS
  • When your organization has completed as much of the checklist as it relates to your business transformation goals, share your achievements with your APN Contact, and request an asset review to strategize on the next steps in your APN journey.

    How to share your progress with your APN Contact:

    1. Complete your desired activities through the AWS Partner Goals Checklist, and log your progress through the enclosed checkpoints (Note: not completing the checkpoint forms blocks AWS visibility into your activities)
    2. When ready, use the final checkpoint in the AWS Partner Goals Checklist to indicate completion of your APN Navigate track to your APN Contact, and request a meeting to review your catalog of assets and strategize on the next steps in your APN journey

Start Your APN Navigate Journey

Whether you’re new to the APN or an established AWS Partner, there is a Navigate track available to support your organization’s transformation on AWS. Choose one or multiple Navigate tracks that best suit your business goals. Click “Get Started” to jump into a track’s unique APN Navigate Toolbox.
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