Funding Benefits for AWS Partners

Helping AWS Partners manage training, development, and marketing costs

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As businesses join the AWS Partner Network (APN), and participate in specific programs available to AWS Partners, you can unlock various funding benefits to help you build, market, and sell with AWS.

These funding benefits are tailored to meet your business needs around training, new product and solution development, and go-to-market activities, enabling you to reach new customers and differentiate your business. AWS Partners may receive funding in the form of cash or AWS Promotional Credits depending on the specific funding option. Discover how to make the most of your available funding options and how to submit funding requests below. 


Gain proficiency in AWS services

Increase your capacity and capabilities for delivery of AWS offerings and solutions through a variety of training avenues including classroom, virtual-led training, and digital training.

Develop new products and solutions

Drive innovation and development of products and solutions that integrate or build on AWS services.

Enable go-to-market activities

Build AWS qualified opportunities with AWS customers and other Partners through demand generation activities.

Accelerate sales cycle and build pipeline

For partner-led opportunities from development to deployment, funds are available to help you build customer pipeline, explore proof of concepts, and accelerate migration projects.

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Get Started

Depending on where you are in your AWS Partner journey and participation in various Partner programs, you can become eligible for various funding benefits. Follow these steps to submit your funding requests.

  • Step 1: Join the AWS Partner Network

    Join the AWS Partner Network (APN) at no cost by creating your AWS Partner Central account.

  • Step 2: Explore Funding Options for Your Business

    • Once registered with the APN, learn more about training and certification plus APN Innovation Sandbox in this training.
    • As you progress through your journey as an AWS Partner, you gain access to the APN Funding Tool. Log in to download the APN Funding Guide from the Help & Documentation tab to learn more about the MDF and POA funds.
    • Connect with your AWS Partner Development Contact to discuss the funding options relevant to your business and how to submit your funding request.
  • Step 3: Submit Funding Requests

    • To access discounted training, please visit the “Training & Certification Funding” section via the “Funding” tab in AWS Partner Central.
    • To learn more about the AWS Promotional Credits for select completed certifications and APN Innovation Sandbox Credits, connect with your AWS Partner Development Contact.
    • To submit requests for MDF and POA Funds, AWS Partners must have an AWS Payee Central account.
      • If you do not have an Amazon Payee Central account, submit a request in AWS Partner Central to initiate this process.
      • If you have an Amazon Payee Central account, but have not completed the setup, please log into to finalize bank account registration and take the tax interview.

    Note: Any receipt of AWS Promotional Credits is subject to the AWS Promotional Credit Terms & Conditions.

Funding Options for AWS Partners

Training Discounts and Credits

Accelerate the onboarding of your technical team with discounted training to help with AWS Certification exams.

Increase your organization's capacity and capabilities to deliver AWS solutions and products by earning AWS Promotional Credits for Certifications passed.

APN Innovation Sandbox Credits

Offset AWS usage costs incurred during solution development with AWS Promotional Credits as part of the Innovation Sandbox program.

AWS Partners can integrate AWS services into offerings and launch solutions built on AWS, faster and more efficiently.

Marketing Development Funds

Marketing Development Funds (MDF) help offset your marketing costs to drive demand generation and build your sales pipeline.
Receive cash or AWS Promotional Credits to support your marketing efforts to promote your offerings and solutions on AWS.

Partner Opportunity Acceleration Funds

Partner Opportunity Acceleration (POA) funds help you move forward with customers by exploring proof of concepts or migrations.
Receive cash or AWS Promotional Credits to accelerate sales cycles and customer adoption of AWS Partner offerings or solutions powered by AWS.