APN Funding Programs

Helping APN Partners build, market, and sell with AWS

As APN Partners rise through the APN Tiers, funding benefits become unlocked to help accelerate their AWS business development. These benefits are tailored to meet your business needs around training, new product and solution development, and go-to-market activities, enabling you to reach new customers and differentiate your business.

APN Funding Programs enable APN Partners to:

  • Increase your capacity and capabilities for delivery of AWS solutions and products
  • Build AWS qualified opportunities with AWS customers and other APN Partners
  • Accelerate sales cycles for partner led opportunities from development to deployment
  • Develop wins that you can use to validate and demonstrate your AWS experience
APN Funding Programs

Build, Market, and Sell with APN Funding Benefits

Partner Training and Certification
Partner Training and Certification
Supports and enables APN Partners by providing training resources to help increase the capacity and capabilities for delivery of AWS solutions and products.
APN Innovation Sandbox Credits
APN Innovation Sandbox

Helps APN Partners integrate AWS services into their solutions and launch products built on AWS.

Marketing Development Funds
Marketing Development Funds
Supports APN Partner led go-to-market activities by helping offset APN Partner costs on eligible marketing activities.
Partner Opportunity Acceleration
Partner Opportunity Acceleration
Helps accelerate sales cycles and customer adoption of APN Partner solutions or products powered by AWS.

Access APN Funding Resources

Log into APN Partner Central and navigate to the Funding tab to launch the APN Funding tool, explore videos, and view the APN Funding Programs guide. Contact your Partner Development Representative for additional details.

Access APN Marketing Central to easily customize and launch solution-based campaigns or find an agency with experience messaging AWS.

APN programs provide partners with promotional support and other benefits, such as increased visibility throughout the AWS website, opportunities to engage with customers, access to funding, and go-to-market opportunities.

APN Marketing Tools are designed to support APN Partners in growing their AWS-based business and reach new customers.