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AWS Week in Review – February 15, 2016

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Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week:


February 15


February 16


February 17


February 18


February 19


February 20


February 21

New & Notable Open Source

  • aws-api-gateway-for-cloudformation is a set of Custom Resources that enables API Gateway support for CloudFormation.
  • WaterFlow is a is a non-magical / easy to understand / JDK8 framework for use with Amazon Simple Workflow.
  • gnu-mailman-aws documents the process of installing and running GNU Mailman on an EC2 instance.
  • spa-aws is a single page application using AWS Lambda.
  • petit is a URL shortener written in Ruby for use on AWS.
  • state-of-cloud is a tool to inventory cloud and report of the use of AWS and other services.
  • aws-helpers is a set of Node.JS helpers for AWS.
  • aws-lambda-canary is a canary project for Lambda services on AWS.
  • cookiecutter-lambder is a cookiecutter template for creating Lambder projects.
  • aws provides Racket support for AWS projects.

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