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AWS Week in Review – November 9, 2015

Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week:


November 9


November 10


November 11


November 12


November 13

New & Notable Open Source

  • AWSTOOLS is a set of tools for AWS.
  • image_upload_AmazonS3_Rails uploads images to S3 using Rails, Paperclip, and Imagemagick.
  • aws-monocyte destroys your AWS resources in non-European regions (use with care).
  • Prescience sets up New Relic monitoring for Elastic Beanstalk.
  • aws-lambda-local runs Lambda functions locally.
  • kinesis-connector is a Kinesis Connector Plugin for the Reekoh IoT platform.
  • aws_role_credentials generates AWS credentials for roles using STS.
  • node-aws-lambda helps to automate deployment of AWS Lambda functions.
  • ci_lambda_checks is the Cloud Insight Lambda Framework.
  • Cloudwatch-Loggly retrieves CloudWatch logs and sends them to Loggly.
  • simplerobotservice uses the AWS IoT service to connect a Leap Motion controller to a robot arm.
  • aws-bootcamp provides materials for AWS Bootcamps.
  • alpha is a continuous deployment tool for Lambda.
  • aws-iot-toolkit contains a set of tools and files to configure AWS IoT.
  • sheepherding is AWS reporting driven by Lambda scripts.
  • reservedinstances is a Reserved Instance analysis and recommendations tool.
  • awspec is a set of RSpec tests for your AWS resources.
  • lambda-gateway-twilio-demo uses Twilio to save an image from your mobile phone to AWS.
  • Minio Go is a library for S3-compatible cloud storage.
  • cloudogram is a Meteor app for monitoring AWS infrastructure.
  • aws-tools is a set of tools for quick & easy AWS administration.
  • aws-ps-scripts contains a set of AWS PowerShell scripts.
  • datapackage-validator-awslambda is a Lambda function for validating bulk-loaded data packages (works with bawlk).
  • domchk53 is a domain availability checker that uses the Route 53 API.
  • igor manages the provisioning of AWS resources and also helps with deployment.

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