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AWS Lambda sessions at re:Invent 2015 – Wrap up

Vyom Nagrani Vyom Nagrani, Sr. Product Manager, AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda announced four new features at re:Invent 2015

You can read the details for these announcements here.

Breakout sessions
We had listed the AWS Lambda breakout sessions at re:Invent’15 earlier. Here is an easy reference to all videos and slide decks

  • CMP301 – AWS Lambda and the Serverless Cloud [Video] [Slides]
  • ARC308 – The Serverless Company Using AWS Lambda: Streamlining Architecture with AWS [Video] [Slides]
  • MBL302 – Building Scalable, Serverless Mobile and Internet of Things Back Ends [Video] [Slides]
  • BDT307 – Zero Infrastructure, Real-Time Data Collection, and Analytics [Video] [Slides]
  • DEV203 – Using Amazon API Gateway with AWS Lambda to Build Secure and Scalable APIs [Video] [Slides]
  • GAM401 – Build a Serverless Mobile Game with Amazon Cognito, Lambda, and DynamoDB [Video] [Slides]
  • ARC201 – Microservices Architecture for Digital Platforms with AWS Lambda, Amazon CloudFront and Amazon DynamoDB [Video] [Slides]
  • CMP403 – AWS Lambda: Simplifying Big Data Workloads [Video] [Slides]
  • CMP407 – Lambda as Cron: Scheduling Invocations in AWS Lambda [Video] [Slides]
  • DVO209 – JAWS: The Monstrously Scalable Serverless Framework – AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and More! [Video] [Slides]

We have a variety of partners that provide software that integrates with AWS Lambda. We announced a partnership with Algorithmia and Twilio as Code Library Partners for AWS Lambda. We also have new blueprints available for these partner integrations on the Lambda console. This adds to our existing integration with partners like CloudBees, Codeship, Zapier, and Splunk.

What’s next

AWS Lambda turns 1 today! AWS Lambda was announced on November 13th 2014 at re:Invent’14 as part of the Day 2 Keynote. A year later, we are as excited to be enabling new serverless architectures for building applications in the cloud. Our team is heads down working on the VPC functionality we pre-announced at re:Invent. We are only a few weeks away from enabling access to resources in a private VPC from your Lambda functions. We also plan to enable the API and CLI support for AWS Lambda scheduled functions.

Moving forward, we plan to add more language support for AWS Lambda, and expand availability to more AWS regions. We have a large number of other feature additions to Lambda on our roadmap for 2016, so stay tuned to the AWS Compute Blog and AWS Lambda Forums for updates!