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Introducing the Data Lake Solution on AWS

NOTE: The solution in this post is in the process of being updated. For the most current information, please visit the What is a data lake? page. This blog post has been translated into Japanese. Many of our customers choose to build their data lake on AWS. They find the flexible, pay-as-you-go, cloud model is […]

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Build a Community of Analysts with Amazon QuickSight

Imagine you’ve just landed your dream job. You’ve always liked tackling the hardest problems and you’ve got one now: You’ll work for a chain of coffee shops that’s struggling against fierce competition, tight budgets, and low morale. But there’s a new management team in place. As head of business intelligence (BI), you think you can […]

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Agile Analytics with Amazon Redshift

Nick Corbett is a Big Data Consultant for AWS Professional Services What makes outstanding business intelligence (BI)? It needs to be accurate and up-to-date, but this alone won’t differentiate a solution. Perhaps a better measure is to consider the reaction you get when your latest report or metric is released to the business. Good BI […]

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Performance Tuning Your Titan Graph Database on AWS

At AWS re:Invent 2017, we announced the preview of Amazon Neptune, a fast and reliable graph database built for the cloud. Neptune is fully managed and highly available, and it includes read replicas, point-in-time recovery, and continuous backups to Amazon S3. If you are about to build an application yourself and need a graph database, […]

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The Impact of Using Latest-Generation Instances for Your Amazon EMR Job

Nick Corbett is a Big Data Consultant for AWS Professional Services Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) is a web service that makes it easy to process large amounts of data efficiently.  Amazon EMR uses the popular open source framework Apache Hadoop combined with several other AWS products to do such tasks as web indexing, data […]

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Visualizing Real-time, Geotagged Data with Amazon Kinesis

Nick Corbett is a Big Data Consultant for AWS Professional Services Amazon Kinesis is a fully managed service for processing real-time data at massive scale.  Whether you are building a system that collects data from remote sensors, aggregating log files from multiple servers, or creating the latest Internet of Things (IoT) solution, Amazon Kinesis lets […]

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