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Enable Secure and Efficient Clinical Collaboration With Amazon S3 Access Points

Enable Secure and Efficient Clinical Collaboration With Amazon S3 Access Points

Securely sharing clinical research data with collaborators and efficiently managing data access is a recurring challenge that clinical research teams face. Amazon S3 Access Points enable clinical researchers and healthcare IT teams to efficiently create, share, and maintain scalable access to clinical data in a shared Amazon S3 bucket at the individual user level. Introduction […]

How FSIs are combating fraud and financial crime with AWS in real-time

Financial transactions are based on trust, and consumers continue to seek easier ways of transacting and garnering greater financial inclusion for the 2 billion unbanked globally. Conversely, the acceleration of digital transformation initiatives, sustained growth in the number of internet active consumers, and advancements in web3 technologies are causing an explosion of financial transactions across […]

Retailers Spark Sales with VTEX Integrated Live Shopping Experience Powered by Amazon Interactive Video Service

Future-proofing digital commerce strategies and reaching customers worldwide across multiple media channels are key priorities for continued growth in retail. Enterprise digital commerce solutions offered by an AWS Retail Competency Partner VTEX are streamlining the process for brands and retailers, helping them to deliver and manage complete experiences for a range of transactional models. One […]

Executive Conversations: Future-proofing population genomics initiatives through federation

Executive Conversations: Future-proofing population genomics initiatives through federation with Thorben Seeger of Lifebit

Population genomics initiatives amass a multitude of clinical, omics, and phenotypic data from diverse participants. This data is critical to a range of healthcare use cases, including biomarker discovery, drug repurposing, patient stratification, and precision medicine. However, strict data security and regulatory frameworks often make large-scale data migration unfeasible, creating a fragmented data landscape that […]

Automated and personalized asset portfolio optimization combining ESG and financial data on Amazon FinSpace

As detailed in our previous post on the topic, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data has become an indispensable supplemental data to assess a company’s risk and performance alongside traditional financial and alternative data. Institutional investors and asset managers are increasingly integrating ESG data into investment decisions, as responsible or sustainable investing moves from niche […]

Digital transformation is here to stay—how travel and hospitality companies can get started

The concept of digital transformation has been around for quite some time, having achieved buzzword status in most corporate circles. In the hospitality and travel industry, executives have been talking about it for nearly 10 years, but many are still trying to understand what it really means. One thing I have learned by working with […]

Thinking outside the box: Gousto finds a recipe for protecting the planet and slashing carbon emissions

Sustainability is gaining importance worldwide, and more and more food and beverage industry leaders are incorporating planet- and climate-friendly initiatives into their long-term strategy. According to this 2022 Market report, enterprises large and small are seeking to reduce their environmental impact in four key ways: through sourcing and packaging choices, by producing more plant-forward […]

Industry Innovators 2022: How Britvic is reinventing sustainable hydration with Beyond the Bottle

Hydration is paramount to our health, but sustainable hydration is paramount to our environment. The EPA estimates over 69% of plastic container and packaging waste in the United States is landfilled, leaving the recycling rate of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) soft drink and water bottles staggeringly low. To combat this environmental challenge, many beverage businesses are […]