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Digital Twin Data Middleware with AWS and MongoDB

There are an estimated 100 million connected vehicles on the road worldwide today, and are expected to reach 400 million by 2025. The buying decision by customers towards connected vehicles is and will become increasingly dependent on software functionality, and integration into a person’s digital lifestyle. This will enable customers access to a new level […]

Fast track data-driven insights for advertising and marketing with Databricks accelerators on AWS

Optimizing spending in the advertising and marketing industry—whether that means delivering more personalized campaigns to customers or attracting higher-quality users—is always an iterative process. Data scientists and data engineers are constantly maneuvering through advertising, marketing, and sales data to measure effectiveness and uncover insights that improve the way their companies connect with consumers. To help […]

How to set-up a fully automated data pipeline from AWS Data Exchange to Amazon FinSpace

In previous posts we’ve presented scenarios where Amazon FinSpace data analysis capabilities are used to address different use cases. For these analyses we used data available on AWS Data Exchange and on third-party data sources. Some examples of analysis are what-if scenarios of trading strategies, ESG portfolio optimization, and Analyzing petabytes of trade and quote […]

AWS and NFL’s new special teams Next Gen Stat is ready for kickoff

The newest advanced metric tackles the hidden dynamics of punt and kickoff returns. The NFL Next Gen Stats team is here to give us the inside scoop. We have all witnessed a returner getting tackled a nanosecond after receiving a punt or kickoff. Holding onto the ball, let alone gaining a chunk of yardage, is a […]

NFL Next Gen Stats Expected Punt and Kickoff Return Yards: Q&A with the Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab

In this post, get a behind-the-scenes look from the Amazon Machine Learning (ML) Solutions Lab team on how the new Expected Return Yards stat from NFL Next Gen Stats was developed. Give us the main idea behind Expected Return Yards and how it came together. In collaboration with AWS over the last five years, the […]

Building a modern, event-driven application for insurance claims processing – Part 1

In this series, you’ll learn to build a modern insurance claims processing application on AWS. You’ll see an application that uses an event-driven architecture to loosely couple the applications’ components. This application is built with Amazon EventBridge, AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and more. You’ll also learn why an event-driven architecture and serverless […]

Automating anomaly detection in ecommerce traffic patterns

Year after year, the ecommerce market continues to expand, driving further transformation of the retail industry. Retailers are striving to draw more shoppers to their ecommerce websites, which account for a growing share of their revenue, especially during peak events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to Statista, in the third quarter of 2022, […]

In the news: 5 retail trends to watch in 2023

This article originally appeared on and 2023 is poised to start with a bang. The consumer is resilient. Travel is booming. Supply chains are improving. Shipping costs are moderating. The pandemic is easing. China is opening. E-commerce marketplaces are accelerating. New online and in-store experiences are once again in focus. CES is fully […]

AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency Partners you should know: DataArt

DataArt recently achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Travel and Hospitality Competency Partner status. I sat down with Alexander Shchedrin, vice president, DataArt Travel and Hospitality practice, to learn how DataArt is helping travel and hospitality companies optimize the AWS Cloud and data. 1) Congratulations on achieving AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency Partner status. Please describe […]

Introducing Amazon Marketing Cloud Uploader from AWS

First-party signals are key to a brand’s advertising efforts, yet they become powerful only when they are translated into informative and actionable insights. However, processing and preparing data can often be a manual and time-consuming task for brands that want to upload that data into various platforms. Customers often look to Amazon Web Services (AWS) […]