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Bridgeman Images uses Amazon Translate to establish their business globally

Many businesses aspire to expand globally to reach new customer and accelerate growth. For Bridgeman Images, this meant engaging customers who spoke languages other than English. They needed a scalable solution to overcoming the language barrier since having everything translated manually wasn’t fast enough or cost efficient. Using Amazon Translate, they reduced the time needed […]

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Power your website with on-demand translated reviews using Amazon Translate

Amazon Translate is a high-quality neural machine translation service that uses advanced deep learning techniques to provide fast language translation of content from a source language to a target language, chosen among the supported pairs. It enables developers to easily invoke an API providing the text to be translated and obtain its translated version in real-time, hiding the complexity of building a neural machine translation model.

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Introducing Amazon Translate Custom Terminology

Amazon Translate is a neural machine translation service that delivers fast, high-quality, and affordable language translation. Today, we are introducing Custom Terminology, a feature that customers can use to customize Amazon Translate output to use company- and domain-specific vocabulary. By uploading and invoking Custom Terminology with translation requests, customers have the ability to ensure that their […]

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AWS expands HIPAA eligible machine learning services for healthcare customers

Today, AWS announced that Amazon Translate, Amazon Comprehend, and Amazon Transcribe are now U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) eligible services. This announcement adds to the number of AWS artificial intelligence services that are already HIPAA eligible– Amazon Polly, Amazon SageMaker, and Amazon Rekognition. By using these services, AWS customers in […]

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Amazon Translate now offers 113 new language pairs

Amazon Translate is a neural machine translation service that delivers fast, high-quality, and affordable language translation. Today, we are launching 113 new language pairs. Customers can now translate between currently supported languages, such as French to Spanish for example, with a single API request. With this update, we are expanding the number of supported language pairs […]

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Create a translator chatbot using Amazon Translate and Amazon Lex

In this post, I create an intent in Amazon Lex for a translation action. This intent prompts the user for a source and target language, for example English to Spanish, followed by a text string to translate. Users are free to switch languages at any time during the interaction with Amazon Lex. The solution in the following illustration makes full use of Serverless Computing technologies to enable seamless scaling to thousands of users without the need for further engineering effort.

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Announcing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hackathon: Build Intelligent Applications using machine learning APIs and serverless

Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings image and video analysis, natural language processing, speech recognition, text-to-speech, and machine translation within the reach of every developer. With machine learning (ML) services by AWS, you can plug in prebuilt AI functionality into your apps without having to worry about ML models. Thousands of developers have used Amazon ML […]

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Amazon Translate now available in the Memsource translation management system

Memsource is always looking out for exciting new integrations that enhance its cutting-edge translation solutions. With machine translation (MT) continuing to be a hot topic in the localization industry, Memsource is focusing on integrating with innovative MT engines that meet customers’ growing MT needs.

In particular, Memsource strives to offer neural machine translation (NMT) engines, such as Amazon Translate. NMT is proving to be a highly influential technology. The quality of NMT output continues to improve, making it a powerful productivity tool and therefore more in demand. Amazon Translate, with its deep learning methods, has started to make its mark in the translation and localization industry. It’s become a priority to add it to Memsource’s range of MT engines. It is also a natural fit for existing AWS customers.

Another draw is that the engine aligns with Memsource’s enterprise focus, particularly B2C. Amazon Translate is built on Amazon’s expertise in consumer products and communication, and the localization problems they have solved using machine translation.

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Create video subtitles with translation using machine learning

Businesses from around the globe require fast and reliable ways to transcribe an audio or video file, and often in multiple languages.  This audio and video content can range from a news broadcast, call center phone interactions, a job interview, a product demonstration, or even court proceedings.  The traditional process for transcription is both expensive […]

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Customers can now use Amazon Translate, a neural machine translation service, in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region

For AWS government customers and organizations in government-regulated industries it is critical to communicate with people in their preferred languages. CSA Research shows that 51 percent of consumers prefer content in their own language, even if the language quality is less than perfect. To help our government customers and organizations in government-regulated industries, we are […]

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