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Dataset architecture

How United Airlines built a cost-efficient Optical Character Recognition active learning pipeline

In this post, we discuss how United Airlines, in collaboration with the Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab, build an active learning framework on AWS to automate the processing of passenger documents. “In order to deliver the best flying experience for our passengers and make our internal business process as efficient as possible, we have developed […]

How Carrier predicts HVAC faults using AWS Glue and Amazon SageMaker

In this post, we show how the Carrier and AWS teams applied ML to predict faults across large fleets of equipment using a single model. We first highlight how we use AWS Glue for highly parallel data processing. We then discuss how Amazon SageMaker helps us with feature engineering and building a scalable supervised deep learning model.

customized neural network model architecture

How Light & Wonder built a predictive maintenance solution for gaming machines on AWS

This post is co-written with Aruna Abeyakoon and Denisse Colin from Light and Wonder (L&W). Headquartered in Las Vegas, Light & Wonder, Inc. is the leading cross-platform global game company that provides gambling products and services. Working with AWS, Light & Wonder recently developed an industry-first secure solution, Light & Wonder Connect (LnW Connect), to […]

How RallyPoint and AWS are personalizing job recommendations to help military veterans and service providers transition back into civilian life using Amazon Personalize

This post was co-written with Dave Gowel, CEO of RallyPoint. In his own words, “RallyPoint is an online social and professional network for veterans, service members, family members, caregivers, and other civilian supporters of the US armed forces. With two million members on the platform, the company provides a comfortable place for this deserving population […]

Build Streamlit apps in Amazon SageMaker Studio

Developing web interfaces to interact with a machine learning (ML) model is a tedious task. With Streamlit, developing demo applications for your ML solution is easy. Streamlit is an open-source Python library that makes it easy to create and share web apps for ML and data science. As a data scientist, you may want to […]

Enable fully homomorphic encryption with Amazon SageMaker endpoints for secure, real-time inferencing

This is joint post co-written by Leidos and AWS. Leidos is a FORTUNE 500 science and technology solutions leader working to address some of the world’s toughest challenges in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, civil, and healthcare markets. Leidos has partnered with AWS to develop an approach to privacy-preserving, confidential machine learning (ML) modeling where […]

Using Amazon SageMaker with Point Clouds: Part 1- Ground Truth for 3D labeling

In this two-part series, we demonstrate how to label and train models for 3D object detection tasks. In part 1, we discuss the dataset we’re using, as well as any preprocessing steps, to understand and label data. In part 2, we walk through how to train a model on your dataset and deploy it to […]

How Kakao Games automates lifetime value prediction from game data using Amazon SageMaker and AWS Glue

This post is co-written with Suhyoung Kim, General Manager at KakaoGames Data Analytics Lab. Kakao Games is a top video game publisher and developer headquartered in South Korea. It specializes in developing and publishing games on PC, mobile, and virtual reality (VR) serving globally. In order to maximize its players’ experience and improve the efficiency […]

Model explanation for Cover 3 Zone comes right after the ball snap

Identifying defense coverage schemes in NFL’s Next Gen Stats

This post is co-written with Jonathan Jung, Mike Band, Michael Chi, and Thompson Bliss at the National Football League. A coverage scheme refers to the rules and responsibilities of each football defender tasked with stopping an offensive pass. It is at the core of understanding and analyzing any football defensive strategy. Classifying the coverage scheme […]

Predict football punt and kickoff return yards with fat-tailed distribution using GluonTS

Today, the NFL is continuing their journey to increase the number of statistics provided by the Next Gen Stats Platform to all 32 teams and fans alike. With advanced analytics derived from machine learning (ML), the NFL is creating new ways to quantify football, and to provide fans with the tools needed to increase their […]