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Improving your LLMs with RLHF on Amazon SageMaker

In this blog post, we illustrate how RLHF can be performed on Amazon SageMaker by conducting an experiment with the popular, open-sourced RLHF repo Trlx. Through our experiment, we demonstrate how RLHF can be used to increase the helpfulness or harmlessness of a large language model using the publicly available Helpfulness and Harmlessness (HH) dataset provided by Anthropic. Using this dataset, we conduct our experiment with Amazon SageMaker Studio notebook that is running on an ml.p4d.24xlarge instance. Finally, we provide a Jupyter notebook to replicate our experiments.

Dataset architecture

How United Airlines built a cost-efficient Optical Character Recognition active learning pipeline

In this post, we discuss how United Airlines, in collaboration with the Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab, build an active learning framework on AWS to automate the processing of passenger documents. “In order to deliver the best flying experience for our passengers and make our internal business process as efficient as possible, we have developed […]

Auto-labeling module for deep learning-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems on AWS

In computer vision (CV), adding tags to identify objects of interest or bounding boxes to locate the objects is called labeling. It’s one of the prerequisite tasks to prepare training data to train a deep learning model. Hundreds of thousands of work hours are spent generating high-quality labels from images and videos for various CV […]

Implement a multi-object tracking solution on a custom dataset with Amazon SageMaker

The demand for multi-object tracking (MOT) in video analysis has increased significantly in many industries, such as live sports, manufacturing, and traffic monitoring. For example, in live sports, MOT can track soccer players in real time to analyze physical performance such as real-time speed and moving distance. Since its introduction in 2021, ByteTrack remains to […]

High-quality human feedback for your generative AI applications from Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Plus

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Plus helps you prepare high-quality training datasets by removing the undifferentiated heavy lifting associated with building data labeling applications and managing the labeling workforce. All you do is share data along with labeling requirements, and Ground Truth Plus sets up and manages your data labeling workflow based on these requirements. From […]

Create high-quality datasets with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth and FiftyOne

This is a joint post co-written by AWS and Voxel51. Voxel51 is the company behind FiftyOne, the open-source toolkit for building high-quality datasets and computer vision models. A retail company is building a mobile app to help customers buy clothes. To create this app, they need a high-quality dataset containing clothing images, labeled with different […]

Improve multi-hop reasoning in LLMs by learning from rich human feedback

Recent large language models (LLMs) have enabled tremendous progress in natural language understanding. However, they are prone to generating confident but nonsensical explanations, which poses a significant obstacle to establishing trust with users. In this post, we show how to incorporate human feedback on the incorrect reasoning chains for multi-hop reasoning to improve performance on […]

Snapper provides machine learning-assisted labeling for pixel-perfect image object detection

Bounding box annotation is a time-consuming and tedious task that requires annotators to create annotations that tightly fit an object’s boundaries. Bounding box annotation tasks, for example, require annotators to ensure that all edges of an annotated object are enclosed in the annotation. In practice, creating annotations that are precise and well-aligned to object edges […]

Few-click segmentation mask labeling in Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Plus

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Plus is a managed data labeling service that makes it easy to label data for machine learning (ML) applications. One common use case is semantic segmentation, which is a computer vision ML technique that involves assigning class labels to individual pixels in an image. For example, in video frames captured by […]

Using Amazon SageMaker with Point Clouds: Part 1- Ground Truth for 3D labeling

In this two-part series, we demonstrate how to label and train models for 3D object detection tasks. In part 1, we discuss the dataset we’re using, as well as any preprocessing steps, to understand and label data. In part 2, we walk through how to train a model on your dataset and deploy it to […]