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Chronomics detects COVID-19 test results with Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels

Chronomics is a tech-bio company that uses biomarkers—quantifiable information taken from the analysis of molecules—alongside technology to democratize the use of science and data to improve the lives of people. Their goal is to analyze biological samples and give actionable information to help you make decisions—about anything where knowing more about the unseen is important. […]

Improve scalability for Amazon Rekognition stateless APIs using multiple regions

In previous blog post, we described an end-to-end identity verification solution in a single AWS Region. The solution uses the Amazon Rekognition APIs DetectFaces for face detection and CompareFaces for face comparison. We think of those APIs as stateless APIs because they don’t depend on an Amazon Rekognition face collection. They’re also idempotent, meaning repeated […]

Metrics for evaluating an identity verification solution

Globally, there has been an accelerated shift toward frictionless digital user experiences. Whether it’s registering at a website, transacting online, or simply logging in to your bank account, organizations are actively trying to reduce the friction their customers experience while at the same time enhance their security, compliance, and fraud prevention measures. The shift toward […]

AWS Cloud technology for near-real-time cardiac anomaly detection using data from wearable devices

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the number one cause of death globally: more people die each year from CVDs than from any other cause. The COVID-19 pandemic made organizations change healthcare delivery to reduce staff contact with sick people and the overall pressure on the healthcare system. This technology enables organizations to deliver telehealth solutions, which […]

Identifying landmarks with Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels

Amazon Rekognition is a computer vision service that makes it simple to add image and video analysis to your applications using proven, highly scalable, deep learning technology that does not require machine learning (ML) expertise. With Amazon Rekognition, you can identify objects, people, text, scenes, and activities in images and videos and detect inappropriate content. […]

Amazon Rekognition Labels adds 600 new labels, including landmarks, and now detects dominant colors

Amazon Rekognition offers pre-trained and customizable computer vision capabilities to extract information and insights from images and videos. One such capability is Amazon Rekognition Labels, which detects objects, scenes, actions, and concepts in images. Customers such as Synchronoss, Shutterstock, and Nomad Media use Amazon Rekognition Labels to automatically add metadata to their content library and […]

Malware detection and classification with Amazon Rekognition

According to an article by Cybersecurity Ventures, the damage caused by Ransomware (a type of malware that can block users from accessing their data unless they pay a ransom) increased by 57 times in 2021 as compared to 2015. Furthermore, it’s predicted to cost its victims $265 billion (USD) annually by 2031. At the time […]

How Prodege saved $1.5 million in annual human review costs using low-code computer vision AI

This post was co-authored by Arun Gupta, the Director of Business Intelligence at Prodege, LLC. Prodege is a data-driven marketing and consumer insights platform comprised of consumer brands—Swagbucks, MyPoints, Tada, ySense, InboxDollars, InboxPounds, DailyRewards, PollFish, and Upromise—along with a complementary suite of business solutions for marketers and researchers. Prodege has 120 million users and has […]

“ID + Selfie” – Improving digital identity verification using AWS

The COVID-19 global pandemic has accelerated the need to verify and onboard users online across several industries, such as financial services, insurance, and healthcare. When it comes to user experience it is crucial to provide a frictionless transaction while maintaining a high standard for identity verification.  The question is, how do you verify real people […]

How Synamedia uses Amazon Rekognition Video to build advanced video search capabilities for long-form video

Synamedia is a leading video technology provider addressing the needs for premium video service providers and direct-to-consumer (D2C) with a comprehensive solution portfolio. Synamedia solutions spread across several pillars such as video networks, TV platforms, advertisement and monetization, and content protection and piracy disruption. Synamedia partnered with AWS to use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop […]