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Automating model retraining and deployment using the AWS Step Functions Data Science SDK for Amazon SageMaker

As machine learning (ML) becomes a larger part of companies’ core business, there is a greater emphasis on reducing the time from model creation to deployment. In November of 2019, AWS released the AWS Step Functions Data Science SDK for Amazon SageMaker, an open-source SDK that allows developers to create Step Functions-based machine learning workflows […]

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Automated and continuous deployment of Amazon SageMaker models with AWS Step Functions

Amazon SageMaker is a complete machine learning (ML) workflow service for developing, training, and deploying models, lowering the cost of building solutions, and increasing the productivity of data science teams. Amazon SageMaker comes with many predefined algorithms. You can also create your own algorithms by supplying Docker images, a training image to train your model […]

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Discovering and indexing podcast episodes using Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend 

As an avid podcast listener, I had always wished for an easy way to glimpse at the transcript of an episode to decide whether I should add it to my playlist (not all episode abstracts are equally helpful!). Another challenge with podcasts is that, although they contain a wealth of knowledge that is often not […]

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Get started with automated metadata extraction using the AWS Media Analysis Solution

You can easily get started extracting meaningful metadata from your media files by using the Media Analysis Solution on AWS. The Media Analysis Solution provides AWS CloudFormation templates that you can use to start extracting meaningful metadata from your media files within minutes. With a web-based user interface, you can easily upload files and see the metadata that is automatically extracted. This solution uses Amazon Rekognition for facial recognition, Amazon Transcribe to create a transcript, and Amazon Comprehend to run sentiment analysis on the transcript. You can also upload your own images to an Amazon Rekognition collection and train the solution to recognize individuals. In this blog post, we’ll show you step-by step how to launch the solution and upload an image and video. You’ll be able to see firsthand how metadata is seamlessly extracted.

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