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Access Amazon S3 data managed by AWS Glue Data Catalog from Amazon SageMaker notebooks

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to perform exploratory analysis on massive corporate data sets in Amazon SageMaker. From your Jupyter notebook running on Amazon SageMaker, you’ll identify and explore several corporate datasets in the corporate data lake that seem interesting to you. You’ll discover that each contains a subset of the information you need. You’ll join them to extract the interesting information, then continue analyzing and visualizing your data in your Amazon SageMaker notebook, in a seamless experience.

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Serverless Unsupervised Machine Learning with AWS Glue and Amazon Athena

Have you ever had the need to segment a data set based on some of its attributes? K-means is one of the most common machine learning algorithms used to segment data. The algorithm works by separating data into different groups, called clusters. Each sample is assigned a cluster so that the samples assigned to the […]

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