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AWS Educate releases new cloud learning resources for students and educators

It’s a new year, which means it’s the good time for students to learn new skills for their future career. AWS Educate released five new learning resources and badges to jump start learning goals for students and make it simpler for educators to teach in a virtual or blended environment. The resources focus on robotics, innovation, and Amazon Honeycode.

AWS Educate provides students, educators, and U.S. veterans with no-cost access to self-paced cloud content, training, collaboration tools, and the AWS Educate Job Board. Students who use AWS Educate get access to hands-on learning experiences for the most in-demand cloud jobs through 13 specialty badges and 12 AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathways. Each badge takes participants through about 10 hours of learning content and focuses on specialty areas of the cloud like gaming, Internet of Things (IoT), or startups. Each pathway maps back to an in-demand job role like software development engineer or data scientist, and includes 30-50 hours of learning per pathway. Badges and pathways feature quizzes, knowledge checks, and projects to ensure students are on the right track.

Upon completion of an AWS Educate pathway or badge, students earn a digital credential in their portfolio. Then, they can check out the AWS Educate Job Board to explore job and internship opportunities from Amazon and its customers around the world.

New AWS Educate badges include:

  • AWS RoboMaker Badge Series: Introductory cloud robotics courses designed to help students, educators, and entry-level developers build robotics applications with robot operating system (ROS) and AWS RoboMaker. There are currently three courses in the series:
    • Course 0: Fundamentals of Robotics – In this course, learn how robots work, what problems they need to solve, and how they’re controlled.
    • Course 1a: Getting Started with Ubuntu – In this course, learn which development environments robots use, how to set up the environment to run the ROS, and everything you need to write programs for robots in ROS.
    • Course 1b: Getting Started with AWS – In this course, get started setting up the development environment on the cloud using AWS RoboMaker.
  • Innovation Badge: Designed for students and educators to help build innovation skills to augment and amplify innovation around the world using Amazon’s innovation process. In this badge, you’ll learn the phases of design thinking, the culture of innovation at Amazon and the Amazon Leadership Principles, organizational criteria for application of innovative thinking, and major mechanisms used to innovate.
  • Honeycode Badge: Amazon Honeycode can transform the way teams and businesses track and monitor the work being done. In this badge, you’ll learn to build your own productivity app and improve it using Amazon Honeycode’s feature-rich interface. As you move through this badge, you’ll be introduced to prerequisite information you should know to be successful with Amazon Honeycode and knowledge and activities for creating apps.

To enroll in an AWS Educate badge or pathway, sign up today.

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