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Bahrain embraces the cloud: A look at Almoayyed Computers

The Bahrain government has set a goal to shift the IT infrastructures of all its ministries and offices to Amazon Web Services (AWS). As Bahrain embraces the cloud, AWS is committed to fostering a spirit of innovation in the Middle East.

Ahead of the upcoming AWS Summit in Bahrain where we will offer the inspiration and technical knowledge you need to get more from the cloud, we are highlighting how Almoayyed Computers helped the Bahrain Ministry of Information Affairs (MIA) move a mission-critical, customer-facing website onto AWS in less than two weeks with no downtime.

Ministry of Information Affairs (MIA) functions as the country’s governmental public relations arm, regulates private media in the country, and operates the official Bahrain News Agency (BNA). The MIA selected Almoayyed Computers, one of our Summit sponsors, to help move the mission-critical BNA website onto AWS because of its demonstrated expertise in architecting and implementing solutions on AWS for the public sector.

Almoayyed—already the first Bahraini company to become an AWS Partner Network (APN) Standard Consulting Partner—joined the AWS Public Partner Sector Program in 2017 and obtained AWS validation as an Authorized Government Reseller. Almoayyed is an Authorized Commercial Reseller and its employees collectively hold one of the highest number of AWS certifications among Bahraini companies, and their certifications include AWS Certified Solutions Architects, AWS Certified Developers, and AWS Certified DevOps Engineers.

“The hosting service for the BNA website was becoming increasingly problematic,” says Huda Ahmed Mohsen, the chief of IT for the MIA. She explains that problems with the site’s availability, performance, and security were becoming intolerable, even as BNA was working to implement a much-needed redesign of both the website and its back-end publishing workflows.

With the assistance of Almoayyed, IAA was able to move from a problematic website host to a highly available, more secure infrastructure on AWS.

“Almoayyed’s help was invaluable,” says Mrs. Mohsen. “Not only did we complete the move in two weeks, but they worked with us around the clock to ensure that the entire system remained stable and trouble-free.”

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