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Breaking barriers and leveraging generative AI to advance the US Federal Government: Insights from AWS executive Yvette Cesario

The US Federal Government has endless opportunity to lead the way as well as adopt best practices for how the latest technologies, including generative artificial intelligence (AI), can be leveraged to fulfill its various missions. I’m curious, like many of you, about the opportunities technology provides for National Security in today’s current state.

Yvette Cesario, director of national security sales at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Worldwide Public Sector (WWPS), is an inspirational trailblazer who has built her career by solving tough challenges with the power of technology. She’s thrived through a multi-faceted lens including her mother immigrating from the Philippines, being a collegiate student athlete, and serving as a mother of four children. If anyone knows how to uniquely solve complex challenges for the US Federal Government with empathy, determination, and world-changing technologies like generative AI, it’s Yvette.

I’m Sarah Storelli, senior global marketing leader for Worldwide Public Sector (WWPS) at AWS, and I’m on a quest to discover the people behind innovations across industries. In the vodcast series AWS Behind the Cloud, I connect with pioneers serving the public sector globally to learn more about how their stories shape and define the way they build and support cutting-edge technologies that help make the world a better place.

In the seventh episode of AWS Behind the Cloud, I sat down with Yvette to uncover:

  • Who has inspired her the most throughout her life
  • How her culture has shaped her personally and professionally
  • Life as a working mom and growing her career at AWS in the process
  • What her favorite Amazon Leadership Principle is and why
  • Leveraging generative AI in the US Federal Government to make America safer
  • What she wants to be known for to future generations

Curious to learn more about Yvette’s journey and hear her insights about how generative AI has endless opportunities for the US Federal Government to leverage to transform its operations and missions? Watch the latest episode of AWS Behind the Cloud or check it out on AWS LinkedIn.

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Sarah Storelli

Sarah Storelli

Sarah Storelli oversees global marketing for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Worldwide Public Sector executive communications, customer programs, hospitality, and evangelism. She has a passion to help business, government, and society leverage tech for good through building strategic alliances and advocacy efforts. Sarah enjoys making the world a better place whenever possible through her various roles of service as a Trustee of the Consumer Technology Association Foundation, Member of the Cal Poly University President’s Council of Advisors, Chair of the Cal Poly English Department Advisory Board, and on the Board of Directors for World Institute on Disability and Center Point, Inc. She holds a degree in English with a minor in Law & Society from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.