Generative AI on AWS

Innovate faster to reinvent customer experiences and applications

Generative AI is a type of AI that can create new content and ideas, including conversations, stories, images, videos, and music. It is powered by large models that are pre-trained on vast amounts of data and commonly referred to as foundation models (FMs). With generative AI on AWS, you can reinvent your applications, create entirely new customer experiences, drive unprecedented levels of productivity, and transform your business. You can choose from a range of popular FMs, or use AWS services that have generative AI built in, all running on the most cost-effective cloud infrastructure for generative AI.

AWS leaders discuss the potential of generative AI for organizations (3:39)

Why build with AWS?


Choose from a wide selection of FMs from AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Stability AI, and Amazon to find the right model for your use case.

Secure customization

Customize FMs for your business with just a few labeled examples. Since all data is encrypted and does not leave your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), you can trust that your data will remain private and confidential.

The most cost-effective infrastructure

Get the best price performance for generative AI with infrastructure powered by AWS-designed ML chips and NVIDIA GPUs. Cost-effectively scale infrastructure to train and run FMs containing hundreds of billions of parameters.

The easiest way to build with FMs

Quickly integrate and deploy FMs into your applications and workloads running on AWS using familiar controls and integrations with the depth and breadth of AWS capabilities and services such as Amazon SageMaker and Amazon S3.

Generative AI-powered solutions

With generative AI built in, services such as Amazon CodeWhisperer, an AI coding companion, can help you improve productivity. In addition, you can deploy common generative AI use cases such as call summarization and question answering using AWS sample solutions that combine AWS AI services with leading FMs.

Generative AI-powered solutions

With generative AI built-in, applications such as Amazon CodeWhisperer, an AI coding companion, can bring a new wave of experiences that are transformative to users.

Global partner community

Take full advantage of system integrators (SIs) and technology partners in the AWS Partner community who can help you accelerate your generative AI initiatives.

“Slalom’s deep partnership with AWS thrives on a shared commitment to obsessively provide our customers with exceptional value. We are proud to support AWS’s innovative generative AI toolkits, which are purpose-built to help enterprise customers create real-world benefits in this fast-changing environment.”

Mukesh Kumar, Global GM of Data + Technology – Slalom

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Use cases for generative AI

Produce original content

Create short stories, essays, songs, art, images, and other new content by providing generative AI with natural language prompts.

Generate code

Accelerate application development with code suggestions in your IDE based on your comments and code.

Expedite customer service

Answer questions with conversational interfaces including chatbots and virtual assistants.

Summarize documents

Get summaries from textual content, including articles, blog posts, books, and documents.


How generative AI works (16:28)

AWS distinguished scientists explain generative AI

Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, sits down with expert data scientists to talk about the science behind generative AI such as the transformer architecture, encoders/decoders, and embeddings.