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How an employee leaderboard helped transform training at Globe Group

As a leading digital solutions platform and telecommunications provider in the Philippines, Globe Group serves 90 million mobile subscribers and 3.4 million home broadband customers. Maintaining that leadership position in the increasingly competitive telecommunications industry relies on its cloud-first business strategy and in attracting the most technically adept employees—and retaining them longer. Learn how Globe’s focus on cloud skills training continues to pay off in modernizing and future-proofing its organization.

PostNL: 5 tips to help drive a culture of cloud learning and knowledge sharing

An early adopter of the AWS Cloud since 2010, PostNL knew it needed to equip its engineers with the right knowledge and skills to build cloud native solutions and maximize the use of AWS capabilities and services. PostNL worked with the AWS Skills Guild team to created a comprehensive cloud skills training program that 1) built cloud fluency for employees and 2) accelerated PostNL’s cloud adoption journey.

Want to grow your business? Prioritize ongoing skills development

In nearly every industry, employees are looking for an encouraging environment with advancement opportunities. People want the room to learn and grow professionally. A key element in any organization’s strategy for employee engagement and business growth must be ongoing learning and development. However, for many organizations that face competing priorities and razor-thin budgets, providing non-essential […]

How EPAM used training and certification to elevate its workforce

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner EPAM Systems Inc. (EPAM) works with clients around the world to design, migrate, build, and support sophisticated cloud applications on AWS. In 2020, EPAM executed a global AWS Training and Certification upskilling initiative, which, as of February 2021, has certified almost 1,000 engineers. The company plans to expand […]

Learn to perform large-scale migrations with the newly updated Migrating to AWS course

Cloud migration continues to be one of the top priorities for organizations, and demand is expected to grow. An IDC study found that customers migrating to the AWS Cloud see several benefits, including infrastructure cost savings, an increase in IT staff productivity, a reduction in downtime, and an increase in the number of features that […]

AWS Skills Guild empowers National Australia Bank staff with cloud innovation

The AWS Skills Guild is a comprehensive enablement program that helps large enterprises with their transformational objectives—both technical and cultural—by building cloud fluency across the business, including at the executive level, driving collaboration and partnership with the technologists and accelerating AWS adoption. Back in 2018, National Australia Bank (NAB) was one of the first organizations […]

Make the most of AWS Training and Certification free offerings

We know that skills training can help you—whether you are looking to stay competitive on the latest cloud technology or completely re-imagine your career. Dive deeper into all the ways that AWS Training and Certification can help you learn new skills with our free cloud computing skills training.

New Research: Enterprise Strategy Group report quantifies advantages for organizations with AWS Certified Staff

As more organizations are moving the cloud, they are finding their biggest challenge isn’t technical. It’s people and culture. They simply do not have enough people with the right cloud skills to achieve their goals. We developed AWS Certification seven years ago, starting with the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification, in order to help […]

CloudCheckr takes AWS skills development to new level with 80 in 80 certification challenge

By guest contributor, Alana Fitts, director of sales strategy at CloudCheckr AWS Partner, CloudCheckr, recently validated its employees’ cloud expertise by completing an 80 in 80 professional development program to earn AWS Certifications. Hear how CloudCheckr staff across all functions exceeded this goal and learn tips for implementing similar skills development challenges in your organization. […]

5 steps to accelerate transformation and innovation in your organization

Transformation is a well-worn word these days. It means different things to different organizations. Frequently, transformation becomes about solving the most salient challenge facing the organization at that time and is often linked to a current pain point that’s been difficult to solve. I argue that transformation is much more than that. The real secret—and […]