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Overcome your cloud skills gaps earlier by training your own talent first

As we’ve discussed in earlier posts, skills training is one of the most effective practices for realizing organizational cloud goals. Enterprises that invest in actively training and validating the expertise of their internal talent are more likely to solve the cloud skills gap earlier, which helps to determine how quickly they’re able to leverage the […]

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Build your cloud transformation plan with comprehensive skills training

The cloud offers huge potential for delivering successful, innovative business outcomes when compared to common models deployed today. There’s no question that businesses are eager to reap the real and growing benefits of the cloud. However, this eagerness is often met with the reality of talent shortages. In fact, 90 percent of IT decision makers […]

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Kmart Group: Delivering a better customer experience through future-ready employees and infrastructure

Contributed by Michael Fagan, chief technology officer, Kmart Group (Australia) Michael Fagan, CTO of Kmart Australia, speaks about his company’s investment in organization-wide cloud skills training for both IT and non-IT employees and its impact on their digital transformation goals. Retail customers in Australia and New Zealand expect a world-class experience, and Kmart Group aims […]

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Build confidence to migrate workloads to AWS Cloud with AWS Migration Ramp-Up Guide

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has helped thousands of organizations migrate their applications and workloads to the AWS Cloud. Based on these experiences, AWS has developed a proven process, framework, tools, and playbooks to help customers migrate applications and workloads to the cloud. We have consolidated these resources for our customers into an AWS Migration Ramp-Up […]

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Why Virtual Training Is (and Isn’t) Completely Different

Telecommuting, work-shifting, flexible workspace, teleworking, mobile work, working from home– these are ever-evolving modalities that have existed in some form or another since the advent of the personal computer. Many tasks that at one time required an in-office presence are rapidly being moved to virtual contexts. Cloud adoption has always natively been office-less, but one […]

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