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Orangetheory Fitness: transforming workouts through data excellence

Leveraging AWS technology, working with AWS experts and upskilling its team with AWS Training, Orangetheory Fitness enabled rapid growth and the introduction of new workout types based on data from millions of members for personalized, smarter workouts.

Training for c-suite to build knowledge of cloud, generative AI capabilities

AWS Training and Certification and AWS Enterprise Strategists have developed a collection of digital training to provide a high-level picture of the benefits of cloud computing to c-suite leaders and executives in business or technology roles. These short, snackable videos feature AWS Enterprise Strategists Jake Burns, Chris Hennessy, and Clarke Rodgers guiding leaders through the must-know information to build their business with cloud.

Systems Operations on AWS renamed to Cloud Operations on AWS

The classroom course, Systems Operations on AWS, has been renamed to Cloud Operations on AWS to better align with the evolution of the technology landscape, providing a more accurate representation of managing operations on the cloud. If you’ve signed up for this class prior to the name change, the links to join will automatically route – no action required.