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New courses and certification updates from AWS Training and Certification in October 2023

We’re back with the October course launches and certification updates from AWS Training and Certification to equip you and your teams with the skills to work with AWS services and solutions.

This month we launched 13 digital training products on AWS Skill Builder, including a new learning plan and digital badge for Migration, a new AWS Jam Journey for Game Serverless and Analytics, a free digital course to build generative AI skills with Amazon Bedrock, and a new 12-month, prescriptive virtual training program to build job-ready cloud developer skills called AWS Cloud Institute. And, AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner is now available in Japanese.

AWS Cloud Institute

AWS Cloud Institute is a virtual cloud skills training program for any adult learner—regardless of technical background—looking to become an AWS cloud developer and launch their cloud career in as little as one year. The program is designed by AWS experts and informed by companies looking for the in-demand skills and hands-on experience this program provides. Through 12 courses that cover technical and professional skill development, 100+ labs, AWS Jam, capstones, tech talks and recruitment events with companies, and career services like interview prep, AWS Cloud Institute learners are prepared to become hands-on tech builders as Cloud Application Developers (or similar) upon graduation. Learn more and apply for inaugural classes beginning January 8, 2024.

New AWS Skill Builder subscription features

The following are new features of AWS Skill Builder Individual or Team subscription. With subscription, you can also access 195+ AWS Builder Labs, enhanced exam prep resources, AWS Cloud Quest, AWS Industry Quest, AWS Jam Journeys, and more. There’s something for every cloud learner, from brand new builder to experienced professional.

AWS Jam Journey: Game Serverless and Analytics, available with an AWS Skill Builder subscription, allows you to test your AWS for games, serverless, and analytics skills by solving various hands-on challenges that focus on services such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon ElastiCache, and Amazon Kinesis.

Certification updates and preparation products

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Official Practice Exam (CLF-C02) is now available in French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Traditional Chinese, and Bahasa Indonesian (English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish LatAm already available).

The AWS Certified Security – Specialty Official Practice Exam (SCS-C02) is now available in Simplified Chinese, Spanish LatAm, French, Italian, Korean, and Portuguese (English and Japanese already available).

Registration for the AWS Certified Data Engineer – Associate beta exam opens on October 31, 2023. This beta exam is priced at 75 USD (a 50% discount) and is available to take November 27, 2023 – January 12, 2024. Visit the exam page and review exam prep and practice materials available to you. Note: the beta exam is only available in English.

Free digital training on AWS Skill Builder

Free digital training learning plan with digital badge

Migration Learning Plan helps you build technical knowledge on migrating to the AWS Cloud, with a focus on AWS Migration Evaluator, AWS Migration Hub, and AWS Application Migration Service. When you pass the online assessment at the end of the readiness path, you’ll earn a digital badge to share with your network.

Digital training for technical learners

Amazon Bedrock – Getting Started (60 min.) teaches technical audiences about Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that offers leading foundation models along with a set of tools to quickly build and scale generative AI-powered applications while maintaining privacy and security. You’ll learn about the benefits, features, typical use cases, technical concepts, and cost of Amazon Bedrock, and review an architecture that uses Amazon Bedrock along with other AWS services to build a chatbot solution. Through a guided tutorial, you’ll also try the Amazon Bedrock service in your own AWS account.

Amazon Braket – Getting Started (60 min.) teaches solution architects and Quantum developers about Amazon Braket, a fully managed quantum computing service on AWS. The course includes overview of the service and how it is used to program quantum computers and explore potential applications.

Amazon DynamoDB – Data Modeling Techniques (60 min.) teaches Amazon DynamoDB data modeling concepts, benefits, and use cases to help improve an application’s performance, scalability, and resource utilization. We recommend that you have an understanding of NoSQL database concepts before taking this course, and if needed, first complete the Amazon DynamoDB Service Introduction digital course.

Low-code Machine Learning on AWS (4 hours) teaches how to use Amazon SageMaker, Data Wrangler, and Amazon SageMaker Autopilot to prepare data, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models with minimal coding. You’ll learn to build ML models for tabular and time series data without deep knowledge of machine learning. After completing this course, you’ll be able to build ML models to support proof of concepts and assist data scientists with potential ML model candidates to solve business problems.

Foundations of Prompt Engineering (4 hours) introduces prompt engineers, data scientists, and developers to the basics of prompt engineering and progresses to advanced prompt techniques and guarding against prompt misuses.

Building Language Models on AWS ( 6 hours) teaches data scientists how to use Amazon SageMaker distributed training libraries to build language models on AWS. You’ll also learn to fine-tune open-source models and foundation models available on SageMaker JumpStart.

Digital training for non-technical learners and executives

AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner (Japanese) is now available, helping brand new builders jump-start their cloud career. Gain job-ready expertise by building 12 foundational AWS solutions that address real-life business problems in a 3D game environment. Learn and apply cloud skills spanning cloud concepts and common use cases to help the citizens of a virtual city.

Data for Executives (10 min.) helps executive leaders learn what a data strategy is, how it aligns with their overall business objectives, and gain a better understanding about the value of data and the transformative capabilities of using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Executives will also learn how to create a data-driven culture and how AWS can help enhance your organization’s capacity to use data effectively.

Generative AI Essentials for Business and Technical Decision Makers Learning Plan (3 hours) is a three-course curriculum that introduces decision makers to generative AI and teaches how to plan a generative AI project and build a generative AI-ready organization. The three courses in this series include:
Introduction to Generative AI – Art of the Possible
Planning a Generative AI Project
Building a Generative AI-ready Organization

AWS digital training via AWS Training Partners

AWS Cloud Technology Consultant Professional Certificate on Coursera is a nine-course program that provides in-demand skills to prepare you for an entry-level cloud role. This hands-on program, taught by AWS experts, helps you understand business goals and drivers and then translate them into an appropriate AWS technical solution, as well as how to provide technical direction and oversight to cloud implementation teams. You’ll gain both the soft skills to become a successful cloud consultant and the technical knowledge to dive deep into how software gets built, tested, and deployed, including completing a capstone project centered on the Well-Architected Framework, which you can share with potential employers. You will also gain access to the AWS Educate Job Board, where you can explore, search for, and apply to in-demand jobs and internships with leading organizations. Read more on the T&C Blog.