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New APIs Enable AWS Partners to Scale Well-Architected Principles Across Teams and Systems

By Lauren Small, Well-Architected ISV Program Manager at AWS

Using the AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a consistent approach for customers and AWS Partners to evaluate architectures, and provides guidance to implement designs that scale with application needs over time.

AWS launched the AWS Well-Architected Tool in 2018 to provide a consistent approach to reviewing the state of architectures against current Amazon Web Services (AWS) best practices. The tool also provides advice on how to architect workloads in the cloud.

One of the challenges we have heard from customers and AWS Partners alike is that many organizations already have governance tools to monitor best practices. However, they also want to ensure they follow the most recent guidance on AWS best practices.

We are excited to launch APIs for the AWS Well-Architected Tool that allow AWS Partners to extend Well-Architected functionality, best practices, measurements, and learnings into their existing architecture governance processes, applications, and workflows.

By building custom integrations with the AWS Well-Architected Tool, partners can support a broad range of use cases to make it easier for customers to adopt Well-Architected best practices.


Here are a few examples of the functionality available with the new AWS Well-Architected Tool APIs:

  • Integrate AWS Well-Architected data into centralized reporting tools, or integrate with ticketing and management solutions.
  • Automation of best practice detection.
  • Provide insights to AWS customers based on their AWS Well-Architected Review, and recommend remediation steps and guidance.
  • Pre-populate information in the Well-Architected Tool for customers based on information that’s already known about them—streamlining the review process.

By leveraging the Well-Architected Tool APIs, companies can effectively govern workloads across many AWS accounts, stay up-to-date on the latest best practices, and scale Well-Architected principles across teams and systems.

Learn more about the Well-Architected Tool APIs by visiting the Documentation and Product Page.

AWS Well-Architected Tool API Partner Integrations

We currently have seven AWS Partners whose solutions are integrated with the AWS Well-Architected Tool.

These cloud management tools provide automation around the Well-Architected Review to reduce the time and resources it takes to complete a review and generate insights.


CloudCheckr’s “Well-Architected Workloads” report tracks the progress of workloads and milestones over time, while providing extra visibility into accounts, owners, risks, and more. This creates best practice confidence for AWS users. Learn more >>

Continuity Software

Continuity Software Coral makes continuous adherence to the AWS Well-Architected Framework automatic and simple. Non-intrusive and proactive, it detects risks and misconfigurations to ensure optimally maintained infrastructure according to AWS best practices. Learn more >>


Datadog Compliance Monitoring helps users identify and remediate host, container, and AWS Cloud service misconfigurations that cause compliance drift. Key features include cloud security posture management, file integrity monitoring, and Docker/Kubernetes security baselining. Learn more >>


Get Well-Architected and stay that way. nOps monitors your infrastructure for continuous compliance with AWS Well-Architected guidelines, auto-discovers risks, and provides cost-optimization insights and drill-down dashboards for root cause analysis. Learn more >>


Splunk’s Grand Central App provides improvement summary recommendations and dashboards to support AWS customers to build high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for your workloads. Learn more >>

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity provides continuous security and compliance for cloud infrastructure. It’s designed to give cloud builders the confidence their resources are configured to industry best practice to grow and scale their business. Learn more >>


Turbot is a full-stack governance platform that instantly discovers resource changes and automates remediation using a unified policy language across multi-cloud, SaaS, OS, and containers. Learn more >>

Get Started with Well-Architected Tool APIs

The new AWS Well-Architected Tool APIs are available to customers at no additional charge and offered in all AWS Regions where the Well-Architected Tool is available. See the AWS Region Table for Well-Architected Tool region availability.

AWS Partners who are interested in integration with the Well-Architected Tool can learn more about the new APIs by visiting the Documentation and Product Page.

To engage with an AWS Well-Architected Tool Integrated Partner, visit the AWS Well-Architected Tool Partner page.

You can also join our AWS PartnerCast webinar on Jan. 19, 2021 at 8:00 AM PST to learn more about integrating solutions with the new Well-Architected Tool APIs. Register here >>