By using AWS, we can enter a new market and be up and running in less than 10 weeks. Together with AWS, we have a promising future.


Johan Tjärnberg Chief Executive Officer

Bambora uses AWS to provide a scalable global infrastructure as it has grown to a multimillion-dollar business in two years. The company provides online, in-store, and mobile payment solutions aimed at all companies, from small merchants to global enterprises.

  • About Bambora

    Bambora is a Swedish financial services company that helps businesses grow. With its suite of simple payment products, companies can easily keep track of daily transactions online, in-store, or in-app.

  • AWS Services Used

  • Benefits of AWS

    • Scales easily to match multimillion-dollar growth
    • Deploys customer environments in an industry-leading 24 hours
    • Gets new features to market in 3 months instead of 12
    • Can quickly set up compliant environments anywhere for a global customer base

Bambora was founded in 2015 in Sweden by a small group of entrepreneurs who wanted to simplify payments and help customers to grow. They saw that handling payments was too complex, with too many vendors and interfaces. Bambora offers three main products for processing payments online, in store, or in-app.

In just two years, it has grown into a company with more than 700 employees, operating in more than 60 countries, together with over 300 commercial partners. Contributing to this growth has been a series of acquisitions of other payment capabilities from around the globe, backed by venture capital fund Nordic Capital.

As a rapidly expanding company, Bambora needed an IT environment that could grow quickly on a global scale.

It needed to deliver great customer experience, meaning quick deployments to support customer integrations, reliable processing of payments, and quick prototyping of features.

Because it handles personal and financial information, Bambora is heavily regulated in most countries. It needed to have a secure environment that complied with relevant legislation, but the company also wanted to meet compliance requirements as efficiently as possible.

Bambora uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host several of its platforms, including its back-office functions, its mobile-payments platform, and its acquiring platform, which hosts environments from newly acquired companies.


To simplify Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) auditing, Bambora uses Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) to isolate the auditable parts of its production environment from the non-auditable ones.


Bambora provides fast, highly available, compliant environments for customers around the globe thanks to AWS Regions, ensuring fast processing and confident customers. Payment specialists can also onboard new customers in less than 24 hours in all countries where Bambora operates. “Compared to a traditional bank, we’re streets ahead,” says Anna Almén, head of development for financial services at Bambora.

Working in the cloud has enabled Bambora to easily scales its platform to match the growth of its business. Almén says: “By using AWS, we can scale both in terms of volume and geography. We couldn’t have come so far in two years without it.”

Bambora can enter new markets with its offering in about three months, much quicker than the industry average. “Using AWS, we don’t need to make upfront hardware investments and wait for months to get feedback on how a service is running,” says Almén.  

“We can start development quickly, pilot it with a few customers, make tweaks, and then release it and scale it out. And we know that we can handle the potential income in each market.”

The company is also able to quickly bring newly acquired companies under its umbrella, moving them from physically hosted environments to Bambora’s platform on AWS. Daniel Nordholm, chief technology officer of Bambora, says:

“We recently bought Innocard, a Swiss payment company. This brought us into a new market with a network of 4,500 stores, restaurants, and service providers. We used the products and services built on AWS to provide Visa and MasterCard payment systems within 10 weeks of the acquisition. We were able to implement the payment back end before we had even completed the rebranding.”

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