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Amazon CloudWatch Metrics for Amazon EC2 Status Checks at One Minute Frequency

We are excited to announce that Amazon CloudWatch metrics for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) status checks are now available at one minute frequency. Since July 2012, CloudWatch metrics for EC2 status check metrics have been available at five minute frequency and allowed EC2 customers to monitor their instances for problems which might prevent applications from running. With CloudWatch metrics for EC2 status checks at one minute frequency, EC2 customers can learn about and respond to problems effecting their EC2 instances even more quickly.

CloudWatch metrics for EC2 status checks at one minute frequency are free to all EC2 customers and are automatically enabled on all EC2 instances. To view these metrics, select a running instance in the EC2 console and click on the “Monitoring” tab or view them in Amazon CloudWatch. To create an alarm on these metrics, click on the instance’s “Status Check” tab and choose the “Create Status Check Alarm” button. Alarms can also be created in the CloudWatch console.

To learn more about how to use CloudWatch metrics for EC2 status checks, please visit the documentation for Monitoring Instances with Status Checks.

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