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This article shows how to use Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Hive toprocess logs uploaded to Amazon S3 from a fleet of boxes which areserving online advertising. The logs are processed and the resultinginformation is stored in a collection of relational tables persistedin Amazon S3 and queryable using Hive. Summaries of the data arepushed to Amazon SimpleDB where they are accessible to monitoring tools.
Last Modified: Oct 2, 2009 0:37 AM GMT
This video walks you through using the AWS Console to start an interactive job flow for developing a simple log parsing application using Apache Pig, then uploading the finished application to S3 ready to be run through the Console on a regular basis.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2009 17:26 PM GMT
Data Wrangling blogger and AWS developer Peter Skomoroch gives us an introduction to Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Peter Skomoroch is a consultant at Data Wrangling in Arlington, VA where he mines large datasets to solve problems in search, finance, and recommendation systems.
Last Modified: Apr 8, 2009 1:05 AM GMT
ItemSimilarity is a simple Hadoop streaming Python application that attempts to find similar items for each item in the input dataset. This example application finds similar artists using the Audioscrobbler user playlist dataset and Amazon Elastic MapReduce.
Last Modified: Apr 2, 2009 21:49 PM GMT
This example shows how to use Hadoop Streaming to count the number oftimes that words occur within a text collection.
Last Modified: Apr 2, 2009 20:53 PM GMT
CloudBurst provides highly-sensitive short read mapping with MapReduce.
Last Modified: Apr 2, 2009 20:53 PM GMT
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