As part of AWS’s Free Usage Tier, AWS Data Pipeline offers the following each month to new customers:

  • 3 Low Frequency preconditions running on AWS at no charge
  • 5 Low Frequency activities running on AWS at no charge

Low Frequency activities and preconditions are ones scheduled to run one time a day or less.

AWS Data Pipeline is billed based on how often your activities and preconditions are scheduled to run and where they run (AWS or on-premise). High Frequency activities are ones scheduled to execute more than once a day; for example, an activity scheduled to execute every hour or every 12 hours is High Frequency. Low Frequency activities are ones scheduled to execute one time a day or less.

Except as otherwise noted, our prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT and applicable sales tax. For customers with a Japanese billing address, use of the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region is subject to Japanese Consumption Tax. Learn more.

For example, a pipeline that runs a daily job (a Low Frequency activity) on AWS to replicate an Amazon DynamoDB table to Amazon S3 would cost $0.60 per month. If an Amazon EC2 activity was added to this same pipeline to produce a report based on the data in Amazon S3, the total cost of the pipeline would be $1.20 per month (two activities X $0.60 per activity per month). If the pipeline was changed to run every 6 hours, it would cost $2.00 per month, because it would then consist of two High Frequency activities (at $1.00 per month for each activity).

Activities or preconditions that are active for part of a month are pro-rated hourly. Your Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon SNS activities associated with AWS Data Pipeline are billed separately according to those services’ normal prices.

* Your free usage is calculated each month and automatically applied to your bill – free usage does not accumulate; unused free usage cannot be rolled over into the next month.