Started in 2001 as a social networking website, is a forum where women share information and views on a broad range of subjects such as, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, health, parenting, and food. Although is geared to East Asian and Southeast Asian women, its members span many cultures and countries.

Prior to implementing AWS technology, CozyCot used dedicated servers to run the website, which turned out to be expensive and frequently unreliable. Searching for more efficient and cost-effective option, CozyCot turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

CozyCot worked with Mediology Software, an Indian-based company, to bring AWS services to the website. To achieve CozyCot’s goals of regional migration, infrastructure optimization, and service improvement, Mediology used the three-tier SOA stack:

The AWS solution offered several features that were critical for the company – including dynamic scalability and the ability to save on costs by reserving capacity. Another key feature is the exceptional ease that AWS has in working with media centric applications.

Although there are many exceptional benefits of using AWS, Nicole Yee (founder of CozyCot), believes that three features are particularly outstanding:

  • Significant cost savings available through the use of reserved instances
  • The ability to monitor utilization based on bytes, computing hours, and database connections
  • The delivery of a powerful solution that is formed by integrating a variety of disparate services into a cohesive unit

As a result of AWS and Mediology Software, CozyCot was able to improve its bottom line. Nicole Yee explains that “the most significant impact in cost savings is in terms of human resource deployment. This is because our team of programmers don't have to worry about site crashes once the AWS is set up properly. They simply focus on what they do best…write programs to enhance the community experience. This form of savings creates significant value for the long-term growth of our company.”

Nicole Yee sums up the experience with AWS and Mediology Software: “AWS knows our business! Beyond that, they help us to connect with the right consultant, the right technology, and at the right price!”

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