When organizations need authentication servers, Data Security Systems Solutions Pte Ltd is often the “go-to” company. Founded in 1998, Data Security Systems Solutions (DS3) specializes in deploying authentication servers to banks and financial institutions. Through DS3 products, companies authenticate and validate their systems' users and transactions. Headquartered in Singapore, with subsidiaries in Bangkok, New York, and Tokyo, the company provides authentication servers to approximately 60 banks and other organizations across the globe.

Looking to boost cost-effectiveness and processing efficiency, DS3 wanted to provide its authentication solutions to customers without the enormous costs traditionally associated with purchasing and maintaining hardware servers. 

Authentication is a vital part of today’s business world, and DS3 decided that AWS would be an effective and affordable conduit for delivering the DS3 authentication solutions. DS3 uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for authentication and transaction authorization services. 

According to Mr Tan Teik Guan, CEO, DS3 also chose AWS because Amazon Machine Image (AMI) instances are quick to deploy and the pay-as-you go billing frees customers from contracts or monthly commitments – they only need to pay by the hour for what they use. “The AWS platform is a great opportunity for DS3 to provide greater business value, in the form of time and cost savings, and reach out to worldwide customers.”

Using AWS made DS3 realize the potential of cloud computing as an effective means of lowering costs while increasing productivity. Although the AWS platform offers many outstanding features, Mr Tan Teik Guan especially likes that “the AWS pay-as-you go model is attractive to customers who demand a multi-factor authentication solution but are daunted by the high start-up and maintenance costs associated with physical servers.”

According to DS3, AWS is also a valuable conduit for reaching a wider global audience, especially in countries where DS3 does not have a physical presence. Following the success of this project, DS3 is plannig to move other products to the AWS Cloud.

To learn more about how AWS can help support your web, mobile and social apps needs, visit: http://aws.amazon.com/web-mobile-social/.