LogMyCalls, based in Utah, is a marketing analytics SaaS by ContactPoint that analyzes marketing and sales data from phone calls. The company gathers conversation analytics from words and phrases said during calls between its clients and client customers. LogMyCalls uses those analytics to help customers automate marketing, customer relationship management, targeting, and lead scoring actions. LogMyCalls customers include marketing firms, directories and online publishers, and enterprise companies who want to mine phone calls for customer data with LogMyCalls’ proprietary analytics platform. LogMyCalls has more than 1,000 customers and is growing rapidly every month.

When LogMyCalls launched in 2012, the challenge was to take advantage of a massive untapped market opportunity by extracting data from phone calls and providing conversation analysis to its customers. LogMyCalls uses complex speech recognition technology and proprietary algorithms to track marketing ROI, gather call analytics data, and automate marketing and customer relationship management tasks.

As a start-up, LogMyCalls wanted to make smart investments in its infrastructure. LogMyCalls needed an infrastructure that would scale with the company as it grew, store copious amounts of data at low cost, and provide the computational power necessary to enable cloud-based analytics of phone conversations.

“Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been central to our expansion strategy from the beginning,” says Jason Wells, CEO. “The low ongoing cost, speed and agility let us add clients without adding staff.”

The LogMyCalls infrastructure was architected on AWS, and all its web services are hosted on AWS, including application servers, API servers, mail servers, storage, system-wide monitoring, and development and staging systems. The LogMyCalls production databases run on Amazon Relational Database (Amazon RDS) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) server instances. LogMyCalls runs from 20 to 30 servers at a time, not including 3 database servers.

The company processes over 500,000 calls a month, using three to five C1-medium instances for the web services and application site, an M1.xlarge RDS instances for the database, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for call files storage. Using Amazon RDS has helped LogMyCalls reduce costs in database administration and server resources for constant backups and point-in-time restores. “Amazon S3 allows us the benefits of inexpensive storage with the added benefit of redundancy,” Wells says.

The LogMyCalls application stores and streams all audio files with encryption from expiring links to Amazon S3—data that totals about 7 terabytes. LogMyCalls also deploys application releases to a store on Amazon S3 where each auto scaled server updates as it is launched.

Scalability is a key factor in the success of LogMyCalls. “Thanks to AWS, we’ve been able to add 60 – 80 clients a month on a controlled budget,” Wells says. “We can scale for both short-term spikes in usage and long-term growth.”

AWS has helped the company save in infrastructure costs, as well. “We’re saving about $66,000 a year with AWS,” Wells says. “AWS is consistently price-aware—they’ve reduce their fees regularly, and that adds up to savings for our company.”

Wells cites innovation and a robust API as two AWS features that continue to deliver for LogMyCalls. “The AWS point-in-time recovery system means no client data will ever be lost,” Wells says. “And the management portal has become quite a powerful tool. AWS is always introducing new products that are very pertinent to our work—AWS listens to the developers who use the platform.”

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