Quickly and easily explore the rich ecosystem of security solutions that have been developed by APN partners, provided free of charge with your registration, for demonstration, education and evaluation purposes.

Each Test Drive includes enough complimentary AWS server time to complete the Test Drive. You can return here and try any or all of the Test Drives at any time. All of the solutions highlighted in the Test Drive program are available for later purchase, deployment and production use on AWS from the partners providing the Test Drive.

Please select a Test Drive from the options below:

Please note that the test drives will be launched from the authoring APN partners’ website.

This 45-minute Test Drive will show you how easy it is to apply the right security controls to your production applications. The controls you setup will help ensure any changes made to your applications are valid and will protect your application against cross-site scripting, malicious URLs, and other threats.

This Test Drive enables customers to rapidly evaluate SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF) features using AWS cloud infrastructure services. The Test Drive is focused on demonstrating how SecureSphere protects against advanced cyber threats such as SQL Injection and Zero-Day Attacks.

CSR 1000V brings Cisco networking to the Amazon AWS cloud. In this lab, we will show you how to enable routing, configure a VPN site to site, connect multiple VPCs together, and configure SSLVPN for remote access with the CSR 1000V.

This Test Drive will allow you to try out a fully functional Sophos Enterprise Console on Amazon Web Services and guides you through the steps to add clients to be monitored. The environment runs completely in Amazon Web Services and will create one client to monitor - adding additional clients is easy and is explained in the lab manual.

BIG-IP® for SharePoint Test Drive provides a proof-of-concept environment for using a F5 load balancer with a SharePoint 2013 server farm in order to increase connection reliability, provide additional security, traffic load balancing, ssl offloading and ensure integrity of the data served.

In this Test Drive you will work through three use cases to help you better understand how Xsuite enhances security and compliance by vaulting credentials, controlling access, monitoring and recording privileged user sessions.

This Test Drive provisions a 2-instance cluster of the SteelApp application delivery controller with integrated Web Application Firewall (WAF) & two instances of the WebGoat.Net sample app used to test the WAF functionality. See first-hand the capabilities that SteelApp offers to improve the delivery and protection of your apps, while increasing performance and reliability.

Take a Test Drive of the Twilio API running on AWS to explore how quickly you can integrate SMS and phone calls to secure and support your business processes. The Test Drive shows two simple example applications that have real world uses around notifications over SMS and initiating conference calls, along with the code that was used to build them. Explore these examples to see how you can use telephony in the cloud today.

The Barracuda Web Application Firewall brings the most comprehensive web application security for your web applications hosted in the AWS cloud. In 45 minutes, this test drive shows how easy it is to secure your web applications against web threats like SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting using advanced protection mechanisms.

This test drive will give you access to a small network of systems connected to a McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Server running in the US East region. You will discover the responsiveness of Real Time for ePO as well as the many features ePO has to offer. Functionality will include asset, task and policy management, event viewing, McAfee AV and Real Time. Your access to this deployment will last up to 4 hours.

In this Test Drive we will provision RSA Archer Incident Management in under 30 minutes utilizing using the incident management solution and platform running on AWS. To explore this solution we have loaded sample data that will allow you to quickly click through incident dashboards, records and templates in order to understand how an organization might open up an incident record, manage the investigation around an incident and document any relevant information associated with the incident.

The McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint (MSMS) test-drive will give you access to a Microsoft SharePoint 2012 server suite and a connected McAfee ePO v5.1 server. You will be given 4 hours to configure a MSMS policy that will restrict users from uploading potentially harmful files, PII information and viruses and test those policies as a SharePoint user.

Take a 7 day free Test Drive of our secure cloud backup and storage solution for laptop and desktop endpoints for compliance & archival usage. You can easily backup and store your data in an incremental manner and restore back through the desktop client or a web console. Our storage based pricing plans for unlimited devices or users gives more financial comfort to any size of company.

Test Drive this innovative hybrid application penetration testing solution on AWS. Optimized to provide "zero false positives", "business logic vulnerability testing" with "100% threat class coverage". Create and start using your own Test Drive trial account in less than a minute.

Test Drive the only WAF with Zero WAF False positive guaranteed. You will be allowed to attack the demo website with and without WAF and see how the WAF protects the critical assets. After each attack you can evaluate the application security posture and perform forensics via the sleek central WAF dashboard. Imagine getting same protection for your web application, well you can, within hours on AWS with IndusGuard WAF.

Protect your Big Data environment and maintain compliance using Vormetric Transparent Encryption. This Test Drive uses MongoDB to demonstrate how you can maintain compliance and data protection through strong encryption, privileged user access control and security intelligence.

Demonstrating how a person can create an assured identity, checked by an external source, resulting in a re-usable and verified identity, which can be used for single sign on across federated sites. 2 Labs.

Try this Test Drive to see how enterprises can enjoy secure mobile collaboration capabilities without fear of data leakage, compliance and risks.

Experience how the Vormetric Transparent Encryption for AWS addresses industry and government regulations and drastically reduces the attack surface of data through strong encryption, privileged user access control and collecting data access security intelligence.

In this 30 minute Test Drive we’re going to highlight the simplicity of using the Sophos UTM as a remote user VPN Gateway from both the End User and Administrator viewpoints. Once complete, potential customers will see how the UTM can benefit both the Administrative staff, as well as the clients using the service.