Modernize Data Archiving

Move on-premises archives to AWS to innovate faster and gain new insights from your data

Enterprises today face significant challenges with exponential data growth. Machine learning and analytics give data more value than ever before. Regulatory compliance requires long retention periods. Customers want to replace on-premises tape and disk archive infrastructure with solutions that provide enhanced data durability, faster retrieval times, better security and compliance, and greater data accessibility for advanced analytics and business intelligence.

AWS offers a comprehensive set of cloud storage services for long term retention, compliance, and digital preservation. AWS storage solutions for data archiving provide unlimited scale, 99.999999999% durability, data reliability, and highest standards of data security, all with lower costs and faster access times than on-premises tape storage.

Data archiving and digital preservation solutions with AWS (9:29)

Benefits of archiving in AWS

Lowest cost cloud storage

AWS archival storage solutions start at about $1 per terabyte per month, a cost lower than most customers' on-premises tape infrastructure.

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Meet compliance requirements

To aid your compliance efforts, AWS regularly achieves third-party validation for thousands of global compliance requirements that we continually monitor to help you meet security and compliance standards for finance, retail, healthcare, government, and beyond.

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Business agility

Quickly move data from archival to production when needed and extract insights by easily accessing adjacent AWS services. Customers can rapidly or gradually expand cloud workflows, or quickly deploy new business models that leverage the asset archive.

Zero hardware to manage

Simplify data archiving and eliminate operational complexities of managing on-premises tape libraries or offsite vaulting services by seamlessly replacing tape infrastructure without changing your existing backup or archiving workflows.

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Data protection and data integrity

Data stored on AWS archival storage solutions is highly available, 99.999999999% durable, and highly protected against degradation or corruption throughout the multi-decade retention periods. Data stored on AWS archival storage solutions can be configured to be immutable, ensuring an additional layer of data-protection by preventing malicious or accidental deletion or modification of records even where access credentials are granted.

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Unlimited scale with pay-as-you-go pricing

Seamlessly meet unpredictable capacity demands driven by exponential growth of data and pay only for what you use without making large upfront capital investments.

Use cases


Compliance Archival

Heavily regulated industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, and Public Sector organizations require customers to retain data for long periods of time for business compliance and regulatory purposes. AWS supports more security standards and compliance certifications than any other offering, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and NIST 800-171, helping satisfy compliance requirements for virtually every regulatory agency around the globe.


Media Asset Preservation

Customers can store infrequently accessed digital media assets in highly durable and massively scalable storage solutions at very low costs. They can easily move data from archival to distribution when needed, and extract insights by easily accessing adjacent AWS services such as AWS Elemental Media Services, AWS Lambda, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, and Amazon Rekognition, to maximize the value of data and generate top line value.


Enterprise Backups

Customers can significantly reduce the cost of their offsite backups by migrating off of tape libraries and storage appliances, moving data into the AWS Cloud. AWS archive solutions have no upfront costs, eliminate maintenance costs, and provide significantly faster access when archived data is needed.


Disaster Recovery

Customer can replicate their coldest data to a secondary region at a very low cost with just the click of a button using AWS archival storage solutions and meet Disaster Recovery needs. AWS archival solutions make it easy for organizations to meet their offsite data storage needs with unmatched durability and resilience.

Modernize data archives while addressing compliance, trust, and accessibility (24:50)

The vast majority of data in the world is cold. Using Amazon S3 Glacier, businesses can safely and securely store data for years or decades without worrying about expensive and finicky tape drives or off-premises tape archival services. This session covers the unique challenges for managing cold data as well as best practices for addressing key archiving and compliance guidelines with the Amazon S3 Glacier and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage classes. You'll learn about different options for ingesting and restoring your data at petabyte scale while taking into consideration accessibility, cost, and different tiers of performance.


Learn how Sysco reduced storage costs by over 40% by archiving to Amazon S3 Glacier.
Nasdaq used Amazon S3 lifecycle policies to archive data to Amazon S3 Glacier and meet regulatory compliance requirements.
Learn how Conan O'Brien's team archived and preserved 25 years of late night legacy on AWS.
Learn how Ryanair saved 65% in backup costs by switching tape backups to the cloud using AWS Storage Gateway and storing them in Amazon S3 Glacier and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive.
Electronic Arts
"With AWS introducing S3 Glacier Deep Archive in 2019, it was an immediate win for us. With no impact to our existing workflows, we were able to instantly reduce the cost of our archival data. With 20+ PB of data currently managed in our archives, it provided us with a very significant cost savings. AWS made the adoption of S3 Glacier Deep Archive easy by incorporating it into our existing lifecycle transitions and was part of the standard S3 APIs."

Electronic Arts

Blog: Electronic Arts optimizes storage costs and operations using Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering and S3 Glacier »

"We identified archive and backup storage as key candidates to migrate offsite in an attempt to reduce the time we spend managing storage infrastructure. S3 Glacier Deep Archive provides us with near limitless secure and durable capacity at a cost so low that we no longer need to consider deleting critical data."


Partner with an AWS Storage expert

AWS Partner Network (APN) partners offer solutions that leverage AWS archival storage services, providing a durable and cost-effective storage target for long-term data retention. APN partner solutions enable organizations to harness the benefits of cloud economics while still maintaining their existing investments. Deployment options range from purpose-built appliances to software-defined solutions.

The AWS Competency Program is designed to provide customers with certified APN Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in specialized solutions areas. Partners who’ve attained an AWS Competency offer a variety of services, software, and solutions on AWS.

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Amazon S3 Storage Classes

S3 Glacier - Low cost, secure, durable storage for active archives

S3 Glacier Deep Archive - Lowest cost storage for long-term data retention


AWS Storage Gateway

Hybrid cloud storage that provides on-premises access to virtually ulimited cloud storage

Snowball Edge

AWS Snow Family

Highly-secure, portable devices to collect and process data at the edge, and migrate data into and out of AWS


AWS DataSync

Simplify, automate, and accelerate moving data to and from AWS Storage, as well as between AWS Storage services