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Join AWS Solutions Architects for Howdy Partner—a Twitch Series Featuring APN Technology Partners

By Andrew Park, Partner Solutions Architect at AWS
By Moe Alhassan, Partner Solutions Architect at AWS

Howdy-Partner-Logo-DarkHowdy Partner is a weekly Twitch series highlighting AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partners that have built innovative solutions validated by AWS Solutions Architects.

These solutions range from managing Kubernetes workloads all the way to helping customers with cost optimization on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This is the premiere season of Howdy Partner, and episodes are hosted by AWS Partner Solutions Architects whose goal is to help you add new tools and skills while having a great time watching the stream.

Howdy Partner is designed to help the AWS Cloud community—both experts and individuals new to the cloud—learn how leveraging APN Partner solutions can help your organization drive bigger results and better business.

Each episode of Howdy Partner explores a different APN Technology Partner solution and how you can implement it with your workloads. Episodes include hands-on demos aimed at helping you understand how to get started right away with APN Partner solutions.

About the AWS Twitch Channel

The AWS Twitch Channel offers a way to learn how millions of customers are leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

All you need is a Twitch account and to follow the AWS Twitch channel for updates— Howdy Partner episodes will be available to view on-demand after the live stream concludes.

Here are all of the Howdy Partner episodes currently airing in our premiere season!

Episode 1: Epsagon

Ah, the benefits of modern app development. Shifting from monolith to microservices should yield faster time to market, increased innovation, improved reliability, and reduced cost. Without observability, however, this is hard to accomplish. Epsagon CTO Ran Ribenzaft shares us how their solution helps ease the observability burden.

Episode 2: ChaosSearch

ELK stacks are an open source resource for companies looking to “wrangle” their data, but those stacks can be difficult to set up, index, and optimize. Thomas Hazel and Kevin Davis from ChaosSearch shares how their solution helps you build a searchable data lake on AWS.

Episode 3: Stackery

There are lots of considerations when designing, developing, and delivering serverless applications. Stackery CTO and C0-Founder Chase Douglas shares how their solution helps organizations and developers ship serverless applications quicker and with less frustration.

Episode 4: Serverless Inc.

Welcome to the world of serverless computing! Join Serverless Inc. CEO Austen Collins and learn how you can develop, deploy, monitor, and secure serverless applications on AWS. The Serverless Framework empowers a new generation of developers by providing a quicker, cost efficient, and agile way of developing apps in the cloud.

Episode 5: GitLab

In Howdy Partner terms, GitLab keeps your code corralled, y’all. When you’re ready, it then guides that code down the dusty road to prod as good as all git-out. Learn how to couple GitLab’s version control system with their CI/CD tooling to handle the end-to-end lifecycle for building, versioning, and deploying a serverless application.

Episode 6: Datadog

In this episode, Datadog helps us expand our grasp of modern app development. One of the challenges with distributed architectures and globally remote teams is getting insights from disparate applications and teams all in one place. Learn how to use Datadog to monitor different AWS environments and provide a single source of truth for your teams.

Episode 7: Weaveworks

Kubernetes is quickly becoming the technology of choice for companies that are looking to invest into a production-grade container orchestration engine. Don’t miss this episode with Weaveworks Product Manager Kalbir Sohi, who explores you can utilize Weaveworks to automate the deployment of Kubernetes clusters on AWS .

Episode 8: Gremlin

You can’t prevent your systems from failing, but you can improve your failure detection and response. Ana Medina and Eugene Wu from Gremlin teach us all about the practice of chaos engineering and how Gremlin helps prevent expensive outages, shorten development cycles, and build resilient applications that maintain your customers’ trust.

Episode 9: Rancher

Rancher addresses operational and security challenges of managing multiple clusters, while providing DevOps teams with integrated tools for running containerized workloads. Rancher’s Director of Community and Evangelism, Adrian Goins, walks us through how to utilize Rancher to accelerate container adoption.

Episode 10: Pulumi

Pulumi enables operators to achieve continuous delivery of cloud application and infrastructure in any cloud environment with their programming language of choice. Pulumi VP of Engineering Lee Zen shares the ins and outs of how Pulumi supports your application and infrastructure needs.

Episode 11: Auth0

Are you having an identity crisis? As a developer, you know security is a top priority, but building a secure login solution can be a headache. Creating an authentication and authorization solution is time intensive and risky for those lacking necessary expertise. Join us for a live demo with Auth0 and learn how to implement a secure identity solution.

Episode 12: Lumigo

If you’re deploying serverless workloads regularly, or just getting started with serverless, you’ll find immediate value in the debugging and monitoring tools Lumigo offers for working with AWS Lambda. We’ll get live, hands-on demos from AWS Serverless Hero Yan Cui and Aviad Mor, CTO and Co-Founder at Lumigo.

Episode 13: Pariveda Solutions

We’re so excited to have Pariveda Solutions, our first APN Consulting Partner on Howdy Partner! Pariveda is an IT firm focused on developing employees to reach their full potential. We’ll be joined by Pariveda’s Nicki Hames to talk about careers in tech, AWS certifications, and how Pariveda approaches and solves complex problems.

Episode 14: New Relic

The emergence of serverless functions has added yet another method for compute and hosting. The ever-increasing abstraction from the bare metal server has also changed the way we pulse check performance and retrieve logs. Join New Relic’s Nica Fee as we explore distributed tracing so we can regain the visibility lost through abstraction.

About the AWS Partner Network (APN)

Join us for live and on-demand episodes of Howdy Partner. Be sure to subscribe to the AWS Twitch Channel to receive alerts when new content is added.

All participants in Howdy Partner are Technology Partners in the AWS Partner Network. The APN is the global partner program for organizations that leverage AWS to build solutions and services for customers. We help APN Partners build, market, and sell their AWS offerings by providing valuable business, technical, and marketing support.

There are tens of thousands of APN Partners across the globe. More than 90 percent of Fortune 100 companies and the majority of Fortune 500 companies utilize APN Partner solutions and services to drive their business.