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New ‘Powered by Amazon Redshift’ Program Helps AWS Partners Enable Customers with Analytics at Any Scale

By Debranjan Dasgupta, Analytics Partner Practice Lead – AWS
By Manan Goel, Principal Product Manager – Amazon Redshift

Independent software vendors (ISVs) in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) space are sitting on tons of data that customers generate within their application. This provides a massive opportunity for ISVs to drive analytics capabilities through their platform, providing a seamless experience and providing self-serve capabilities to customers for better insights and faster decision making.

Customers also benefit from straightforward and fast setup without having to go through the manual pains of connecting SaaS products to their data platform.

With analytics out of the box from their applications, ISVs drive stickier experiences for customers that can lead to higher revenues and profitability. To succeed, ISVs need technical, go-to-market, and sales support to monetize their data.

At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we work with tens of thousands of ISVs who use AWS services to build and run their applications. We offer various programs that provide financial incentives and credits, product integration help, and go-to-market (GTM) support to help ISVs build, run, and sell cloud applications.

Our partners have asked us to do more to help them build analytics-driven applications, so we are excited to announce the launch of the Powered by Amazon Redshift program. This program enables ISVs to build their applications using Amazon Redshift—our fully-managed cloud data warehouse service—and deliver fast, easy, and secure analytics at any scale available within their applications.

With Amazon Redshift powering applications, ISVs can drive up to 3X price performance compared to any other cloud data warehouse, up to 8X more short query processing compared to other cloud data warehouse, and up to 75% savings with reserved price instances. With Amazon Redshift, ISVs can run and scale analytics quickly without the need to set up and manage data warehouse infrastructure. Our joint customers can go from data to insights in seconds by simply loading and querying in the data warehouse.

About the Powered by Amazon Redshift Program

AWS Partners in the Powered by Amazon Redshift program receive access to benefits and funding that will help them develop data monetization offerings and equip them with appropriate sales messaging and marketing assets to pursue new business.

Partners will work closely with industry and technology specialist teams to develop offerings, content, and GTM campaigns. They’ll receive support for architecture reviews, best practices, technical enablement, and hands-on support for migration and integration to Redshift.

Powered by Amazon Redshift program benefits include:

  • Private strategy and offering development support: Connect with AWS industry experts in one-on-one sessions focused on a customized evaluation of revenue-generating offerings. Analyze your offering relevance by industry, location, and size.
  • Rapid proof-of-concept engagement: Leverage Redshift product managers, solution architects, and specialist teams to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) for the selected use case. Where appropriate, AWS will lead a Data-Driven Everything (D2E) workshop for high-value target customers to quickly identify proofs of concepts based on priority use cases.
  • Product technical assistance: Access product engineering, architecture, specialist, and support teams for integration, product development, best practices, roadmaps, and post-sales support.
  • Powered by Amazon Redshift launch package: Joint PR and AWS-ISV sales enablement, AWS website listing, and featured blog and social media.
  • Joint Marketing bill of materials: Webinar deck, solution brief, case study, landing page, and social media banners. Additional Partner Marketing funds to support development of lead generation or thought leadership highlighting your solution (incremental to existing MDF).

Additional benefits:

  • Listed internally as a qualified partner to engage with field teams in respective regions.
  • Quarterly sales enablement mapping session with AWS sales specialists and partner development region leads.
  • Annual planning session to identify AWS Marketplace solutions to be listed.
  • Annual funding for thought leadership development with industry marketing to related offering.

ISVs that are registered with the AWS Partner Network (APN) and interested in joining the program can reach out for an exploratory session to dive deep into their data monetization strategy.

Quotes from ISV Partners in the Program

Stripe is a financial infrastructure platform for businesses. Millions of companies—from the world’s largest enterprises to the most ambitious startups—use Stripe to accept payments, grow their revenue, and accelerate new business opportunities.

“Millions of companies use Stripe’s software and APIs to accept payments, send payouts, and manage their businesses online. Access to their Stripe data via leading data warehouses like Amazon Redshift has been a top request from our customers,” says Tony Petrossian, Head of Engineering, Revenue & Financial Management at Stripe.

“Our customers needed secure, fast, and integrated analytics at scale without building complex data pipelines or moving and copying data around. With Stripe Data Pipeline for Amazon Redshift, we’re helping our customers set up a direct and reliable data pipeline in a few clicks. Stripe Data Pipeline enables customers to automatically share their complete, up-to-date Stripe data with their Redshift data warehouse, and take their business analytics and reporting to the next level.

“Building on the success of the joint launch of Stripe Data Pipeline for Amazon Redshift, Stripe is thrilled to join the Powered by Amazon Redshift program, to help customers drive even more business value from our partnership.”

Orion Advisor Solutions provides cloud-based software solutions—including a unified wealthtech stack—to optimize the fiduciary process and help financial advisors better serve their customers.

“We are introducing a game-changing analytics solution for the financial services industry by leveraging Amazon Redshift’s cloud data warehousing capabilities,” says Adam Palmer, Director of Product at Orion Advisor Solutions.

“Our clients need access to real-time, fast, and secure data analytics so they have up-to-date views of their clients’ financial portfolios. Amazon Redshift improves the speed, performance, and scalability of our data processing solutions without requiring a large infrastructure investment. We have seen substantial improvement in performance and benchmarks with Amazon Redshift.

“We are excited to join the Powered by Amazon Redshift program to continue enhancing our platform and bring differentiated capabilities like real-time data analytics, data sharing and collaboration, compliance, and artificial intelligence and machine learning applications allowing advisors to rapidly deliver contextual insights to key clients and stakeholders.”

ThoughtSpot is a business intelligence platform that helps anyone explore, analyze, and share real-time business analytics data easily. ThoughtSpot empowers customers to unlock the value of their modern data stack by empowering their entire organization with live analytics and data search that get translated into SQL queries on the fly without technical expertise or lengthy training.

“With the new Powered by Amazon Redshift program, we are excited to deepen our partnership with AWS and integration with Amazon Redshift,” says Kuntal Vahalia, SVP of Global Partners and Alliances at ThoughtSpot. “ThoughtSpot’s Modern Analytics Cloud, powered by Amazon Redshift, will enable anyone to leverage natural language search and AI to analyze large volumes of data and discover personalized insights to make better business decisions.

Cloudwick powers agile, innovative, and cost-effective cloud data and analytics solutions with the Amorphic Data Cloud and Cloudwick’s Professional Services. Cloudwick’s Amorphic Data Cloud simplifies data access by making all data on AWS searchable, shareable, and analyzable, so organizations can gain deeper insights from their data.

“Cloudwick is proud to be a Powered By Amazon Redshift partner and leverage the comprehensive data warehouse capabilities of Amazon Redshift to power the Amorphic Data Cloud for AWS,” says Mark Schreiber, General Manager at Cloudwick. “Our capabilities to enable customers to create data transformations with SQL-like statements and to stream customer data directly to Amazon Redshift will transform and accelerate critical customer business processes.”

About Amazon Redshift

Thousands of customers rely on Amazon Redshift to analyze data from terabytes to petabytes and run complex analytical queries.

With Redshift, you can get real-time insights and predictive analytics on all of your data across your operational databases, data lake, data warehouse, and third-party datasets. It delivers this at a price performance that’s up to 3x better than other cloud data warehouses out of the box, helping you keep your costs predictable.

Redshift provides capabilities like data sharing, Redshift ML, and Redshift serverless to further simplify application building and make it easier, simpler, and faster for ISVs to embed rich data analytics capabilities within their applications.

With Redshift serverless, ISVs can run and scale analytics quickly without the need to set up and manage data warehouse infrastructure. Developers, data analysts, business professionals, and data scientists can go from data to insights in seconds by simply loading and querying in the data warehouse.

Next Steps

We take this opportunity to invite our ISV partners to reach out to us to learn more about the Powered by Amazon Redshift program.