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Top 5: Featured Architecture Content for June

The AWS Architecture Center provides new and notable reference architecture diagrams, vetted architecture solutions, AWS Well-Architected best practices, whitepapers, and more. This blog post features some of our top picks from the new and newly updated content we released this month.

1. Taco Bell: Aurora as The Heart of the Menu Middleware and Data Integration Platform for Taco Bell (YouTube)

This episode of the This is My Architecture video series explores how Taco Bell built a serverless data integration platform to create unique menus for more than 7,000 locations. Find out how this menu middleware uses Amazon Aurora combined with several other services, including AWS Amplify, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and AWS Step Functions to create a cost-effective, scalable data pipeline.

Image still from This is My Architecture video series

2. Well-Architected IoT Lens Checklist

How do you effectively implement AWS IoT workloads? This IoT Lens Checklist provides insights that we have gathered from real-world case studies. This will help you quickly learn the key design elements of Well-Architected IoT workloads. The checklist also provides recommendations for improvement.

3. Derive Insights from AWS Lake House

This whitepaper provides insights and design patterns for cloud architects, data scientists, and developers. It shows you how a lake house architecture allows you to query data across your data warehouse, data lake, and operational databases. Learn how you can store data in a data lake and use a ring of purpose-built data services to quickly make decisions.

4. AWS Limit Monitor Solution

This AWS Solutions Implementation helps you automatically track resource use and avoid overspending. Managed from a centralized location, this ready-to-deploy solution provides a cost-effective way to stay within service quotas by receiving notifications — even via Slack! — before you reach the limit.

5. Cloud Automation for 5G Networks

Digital services providers (DSPs) around the world are focusing on 5G development as part of upgrading their digital infrastructure. This whitepaper explains how DSPs can use different AWS tools and services to fully automate their 5G network deployment and testing and allow orchestration, closed loop use cases, edge analytics, and more.

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