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Top 5: Featured Architecture Content for October

The AWS Architecture Center provides new and notable reference architecture diagrams, vetted architecture solutions, AWS Well-Architected best practices, whitepapers, and more. This blog post features some of our best picks from the new and newly updated content we released in the past month.

 1. AWS Security at the Edge

This new whitepaper provides the foundations for implementing a defense-in-depth security strategy at the edge. It addresses three areas:

  1. AWS services at AWS edge locations
  2. How those services can be used to implement the best practices outlined in the design principles of the Security Pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  3. The security aspects of additional AWS edge services that you can use to secure your edge environments or expand operations into new, previously unsupported environments

2. Machine Learning Lens for the AWS Well-Architected Framework 

Machine learning (ML) algorithms discover and learn patterns in data and construct mathematical models to enable predictions on future data. ML solutions can revolutionize lives through better diagnosis of diseases, environment protection, products and services transformation, and more.

This newly updated whitepaper provides you with established cloud- and technology-agnostic best practices. Apply these architectural principles when designing your ML workloads or after workloads have entered production as part of continuous improvement.

3. Streaming Media Lens for the AWS Well-Architected Framework 

In this newly published Lens, learn how Well-Architected best practices can help you design, deliver, and maintain streaming media workloads. The Lens defines components, explores common workload scenarios, and outlines design principles that help you apply the Well-Architected Framework. Dive deeper into how each scenario affects the architecture of your workload and evaluate the technology architecture that best meets your needs.

4. Maintaining Personalized Experiences with Machine Learning

Boost your customer engagement by providing up-to-date product recommendations, personalized product re-rankings, and customized direct marketing. This new Solutions Implementation helps you provide real-time, curated experiences across multiple channels using Amazon Personalize. The implementation automates the entire lifecycle of a personalization workload, presenting the results in an Amazon CloudWatch dashboard.

5. AWS QnABot

Alexa, what does a QnABot do? This new Solutions Implementation dives deep on AWS QnABot, a multi-channel, multi-language conversational interface (chatbot) that responds to customer’s questions, answers, and feedback. Learn how to deploy QnABot across channels such as chat, voice, SMS, and Amazon Alexa, implementing the newest ML technologies to enhance the customer experience and build more efficient communications.

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