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Top 5: Featured Architecture Content for August

The AWS Architecture Center provides new and notable reference architecture diagrams, vetted architecture solutions, AWS Well-Architected best practices, whitepapers, and more. This blog post features some of our best picks from the new and newly updated content we released in the past month.

1. Implementing Travel & Hospitality Data Mesh

The travel and hospitality industries are facing new challenges when generating, accessing, and analyzing data at scale. This new reference architecture diagram shows how to implement a travel and hospitality-related data mesh that you can use to work with data such as travel reservations, loyalty programs, and digital revenue.

2. AWS Outposts High Availability Design and Architecture Considerations

This new whitepaper discusses architecture considerations and recommended practices that systems architects and IT managers can apply to build highly available on-premises application environments with AWS Outposts.

3. Using Computer Vision for Product Quality Analysis in Plants

This reference architecture is designed for manufacturers that want to enhance their Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure by using computer vision for product quality analysis. It shows how to detect and act on product defect classification using AWS IoT and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) services.

4. Tamper Proof Quality Data Using Amazon QLDB

Data tampering is costly for manufacturing companies, and quality data can be particularly vulnerable. This new AWS Solutions Implementation protects quality data by using cryptographic hashing in Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB) to maintain an accurate history of data changes.

5. Back to Basics: Handling Communications Between Applications

Many developers are realizing the benefits of moving from centralized to distributed architectures. Because of this, information on how to establish communication between the application services in those environments is very popular. This episode of Back to Basics covers best practices to establish communication, including trade-offs, common anti-patterns, and how to handle errors in less than 5 minutes!

This episode of Back to Basics covers best practices to establish communication

Figure 1. A diagram from Back to Basics video

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