AWS Amplify

Fullstack TypeScript. Frontend DX for AWS.

AWS Amplify is everything you need to build web and mobile apps. Easy to start, easy to scale.

Go from idea to app in hours

Deploy server-side rendered and static frontend apps, develop UI, add features like auth and storage, connect to real-time data sources, and scale to millions of users. No cloud expertise required.

Deploy web frameworks globally

Deploy an app frontend with easy Git-based workflows and support for any server-side web framework. Zero-config Next.js and Nuxt deployments offer global availability, reliability, and lower latency from the Amazon CloudFront Global Edge Network in just a few clicks. Fully-managed CI/CD and automatic scale make pushing new features to high-traffic web applications seamless.

AWS Amplify

Go from frontend to fullstack, fast

With fullstack TypeScript capabilities, Amplify brings the power and breadth of AWS services to a familiar frontend developer experience. Simply author app requirements like data models, business logic, and auth rules in TypeScript. Amplify automatically configures the correct cloud resources and deploys them to per-developer cloud sandbox environments for fast, local iteration.

TypeScript code used to define and configure auth for an app

Commit, collaborate, and ship confidently

Easily spin up new environments by connecting branches from Git. Pull request previews allow team members to test changes and merge to production with confidence. At deployment, managed CI/CD pipelines with fullstack branching require zero configuration.

AWS Amplify