AWS Amplify

Fastest way to build mobile and web applications

AWS Amplify is a development platform for building secure, scalable mobile and web applications. It makes it easy for you to authenticate users, securely store data and user metadata, authorize selective access to data, integrate machine learning, analyze application metrics, and execute server-side code. Amplify covers the complete mobile application development workflow from version control, code testing, to production deployment, and it easily scales with your business from thousands of users to tens of millions. The Amplify libraries and CLI, part of the Amplify Framework, are open source and offer a pluggable interface that enables you to customize and create your own plugins.

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Amplify is loved by the community, making it a top 5 fastest growing open source project on GitHub with millions of downloads.

Why choose Amplify

Greater breadth and depth

Amplify leverages the AWS Cloud to power your applications, so you get access to a far broader selection of services along with much deeper functionality within most of these services than other mobile development platforms. There is no need to graduate to a fully production-ready platform when your application gets big because Amplify will scale with you and your business. With Amplify, you can build on-demand, live applications that can handle millions of requests per second over hundreds of terabytes of data with microsecond latency across the globe.

Build for any platform

Amplify gives you an end to end solution for building and operating Android and iOS mobile applications natively as well as through React Native and React, Ionic, Angular, Javascript, and Vue web applications. It provides everything you need for version control, automated code testing, and production application deployments. For progressive web applications, Amplify is the only platform to give you a complete development workflow for both your frontend and backend.

Data simplified

Amplify makes data access seamless, without the complexities of setting up multiple database technologies. You can easily integrate with existing data sources such as different relational and non-relational databases. Amplify allows you to use GraphQL to simplify how you manage data while other platforms don’t. With GraphQL, you can build faster and more interactive mobile applications because you can query and retrieve multiple pieces of information across different sources in a single network request. This saves both CPU and battery lives consumed by the application.

Offline synchronization

Amplify provides an on-device data store with built-in synchronization to your backend data store. All other platforms only provide an on-device cache. While a device is offline, your application can query and write data locally using Amplify. Once the device reconnects back online, Amplify will automatically synchronizes your local data store with the backend data store and resolve any conflicts. With Amplify, you can build reliable mobile applications that can withstand network disruptions as well as real-time collaborative applications that span devices.

No servers to manage

Amplify allows you to execute server-side code for your business logic without the need to manage servers. You pay only for the resources you use to optimize cost savings, and there is no need to maintain servers, upgrades, or backups, and your applications have automated high availability.

Fine-grained security controls

Amplify gives you far greater security controls for your application than other platforms. With Amplify, you have the power to set granular access controls for every user of your application. You can easily set up federated authentication from Amazon, Facebook, and Google, and you can also control the exact piece of data that is authorized to each user.


Amplify provides a set of features such as Auth, Analytics, API (GraphQL and REST), Interactions, Predictions, PubSub, Storage, Push Notifications, and XR that enable you to build feature rich serverless applications powered by AWS services.



An on-device queryable persistent data store that synchronizes data between your app and the cloud using GraphQL.



Add user sign-up, sign-in, and fine grained access control to mobile and web applications.



Drop-in analytics to track user sessions, attributes, and in-app metrics


Make HTTP requests using REST and GraphQL easily and securely.


Integrate virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D scenes easily.


Create conversational interfaces using voice and text powered by deep learning.


Integrate tailored push notifications with analytics and targeting built-in.


Add AI/ML capabilities to your app powered by cloud services.


Connect your app to message-oriented middleware on the cloud.


Manage user content securely in the cloud or on the device.

Amplify Libraries

Use case-centric open source libraries in the Amplify Framework to build cloud powered mobile and web apps.

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Amplify CLI

Open source toolchain in the Amplify Framework to create, integrate, and manage the backend of your app.

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Amplify Console

Hosting for fullstack serverless web apps with continuous deployment.

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