Quickly deploy server-side rendered apps, static apps and SPAs

Get scalable, secure, and reliable hosting for modern web apps with Amplify Hosting.

Why Amplify Hosting?

Amplify Hosting supports modern web frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, and more - as well as offers zero-config deployments for Next.js and Nuxt applications. Simply connect a Git repository and deploy in a few clicks.
Securely distribute web applications with low latency backed by Amazon CloudFront’s content delivery network (CDN) with 600+ points of presence globally.
Increase the velocity of your application release cycle with built-in CI/CD workflows, pull request previews, and feature branch deployments.
Only pay for the resources you use. No per-seat pricing, long-term contracts, or complex licensing.


Amplify Hosting offers easy-to-use CI/CD for static and dynamic web applications with simple Git-based workflows. Supports modern web frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, Next.js, and more.

How it works

How it works AWS Amplify Hosting