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Running GPU-Accelerated Kubernetes Workloads on P3 and P2 EC2 Instances with Amazon EKS

This post contributed by Scott Malkie, AWS Solutions Architect Amazon EC2 P3 and P2 instances, featuring NVIDIA GPUs, power some of the most computationally advanced workloads today, including machine learning (ML), high performance computing (HPC), financial analytics, and video transcoding. Now Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) supports P3 and P2 instances, making […]

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Deploy an 8K HEVC pipeline using Amazon EC2 P3 instances with AWS Batch

Contributed by Amr Ragab, HPC Application Consultant, AWS Professional Services AWS provides several managed services for file- and streaming-based media encoding options. Amazon Elastic Transcoder and AWS Elemental MediaConvert each provide several options for video/audio transcoding, optimized for various client devices. AWS Elemental Live provides online streaming-based encoding from edge camera devices. Through AWS Greengrass, edge […]

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Building a GPU workstation for visual effects with AWS

Contributed by Mike Owen, Solutions Architect, AWS Thinkbox The elasticity, scalability, and cost effectiveness of the cloud value proposition is attractive to media customers. One of the key design patterns in media and entertainment (M&E) workloads is using the cloud as a content lake and bringing the underlying processes closer without having to synchronize data. […]

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Deploying a 4x4K, GPU-backed Linux desktop instance on AWS

Contributed by Amr Ragab, HPC Application Consultant, AWS Professional Services AWS currently supports many managed des­ktop delivery mechanisms. Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 both deliver managed Windows-based machine images with GPU-backed instances. However, many desktop services and applications are better served through a Linux backed instance. Given the variety of Linux distributions as well […]

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