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New Game Tech Learning Path is Your Training Walkthrough

AWS Training and Certification is excited to announce a new Game Tech learning path that organizes all Game Tech courses into one place. Whether you’re a solutions architect, game developer, data engineer, or data analyst, this learning path provides structured guidance on where to begin your training and next steps to gain expertise. As we develop new training content, we’ll keep this learning path updated, so you’ll always know where to find the latest training. Built by the experts at AWS, our digital training can help you progress from learning to doing.

While the learning path provides a clear progression for developing skills that can serve as your walkthrough, there are no prerequisites. You can choose to follow this recommended progression, or go “Leeroy Jenkins” and dive right in. (Just have chicken.)

Getting started

The first level of a game usually entails an on-screen guide that teaches you about your controller’s functions, so you know how to jump, use a weapon, and so on. The new fundamental 90-minute course, Getting Started with AWS Game Tech, serves this purpose by providing an overall understanding of AWS Game Tech services. You’ll learn which workloads are supported by various AWS services and gain an understanding of the value (player retention, increased revenue, etc.) that AWS brings to game developers. You’ll also be able to describe the workloads supported by AWS Game Tech via managed and unmanaged services and understand how backend services are used.

Side quest

After getting your bearings, consider an optional “side quest” with the 90-minute fundamental course, Amazon Lumberyard Primer. You’ll learn about the features of the Amazon Lumberyard game engine and how AWS services can be integrated into games built with Amazon Lumberyard. It’s targeted at technical learners in game development roles and anyone interested in learning more about game development.

Continue leveling up

Now, choose your path forward depending on your role and which skills you want to level up. If you’re a game developer, take the compute path. As a data engineer or analyst, take the analytics path. Maybe you’re a solutions architect or wear multiple hats. In this case, take both—either can be taken first—so you know how to design a solution to ensure data-driven insights are used to improve the gameplay experience.

Dive into compute with Amazon GameLift

The compute path provides a balance of learning and doing. Start with an in-depth look in Amazon GameLift Primer. It begins with Amazon GameLift’s features of infrastructure and session management, game session placement, and matchmaking. It then explores the challenges with hosting, managing, and scaling a multiplayer game, and how Amazon GameLift can address those challenges. Use your new knowledge to go hands on with a lab to create an Amazon GameLift build. Then use the build to create a fleet, add a game session placement queue, and exercise the solution using CLI commands to simulate different game scenarios.

Analytics for the win

The analytics path provides three courses that progress from AWS analytics fundamentals to building a functioning data analytics pipeline specifically for games. Learn which specific AWS services, such as Amazon Kinesis, Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon QuickSight, to use for collecting, processing, analyzing, and presenting data. Then learn how these services can be used specifically to improve game design, increase efficiency of game operations, and inform financial and strategic decisions.

Power up your Game Tech knowledge by learning your way, on your own schedule, with free digital training built by the experts at AWS. Explore the Game Tech Learning Path today.