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Omeda Studios swaps out ‘Predecessor’ backend in less than five months using Amazon GameLift and Pragma

After running the live game for 16 months, Omeda Studios migrated its backend to Pragma using Amazon GameLift, the dedicated game server management service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The change was implemented ahead of its latest release, which made the game free-to-play across platforms.

How to use Amazon GameLift FlexMatch to implement block and avoid lists

For online game players, a key driver of player satisfaction is the availability of tools for safeguarding individuals and ensuring community health. Competitive games are especially prone to toxic interactions, and a healthy community will increase player retention. Block and avoid lists are a way to ensure that your players don’t have to interact or […]

Fine-tune online game matchmaking with Amazon GameLift FlexMatch rule sets and the Amazon GameLift Testing Toolkit

Creating matches in online games that are fair and fun for everyone is a key part of a great gaming experience. However, as the number of players being matched increases, the number of potential matches increases exponentially, making the task of creating balanced matches more difficult. One way to fine tune matchmaking to deliver high-quality […]

Freedom Games supports the indie game community with AWS

More than entertainment, video games unite people across the globe with common interests. It’s that sense of community that drives Freedom Games to support indie developers in bringing their titles to players worldwide. Established in 2020, Freedom Games has built a platform that supports many indie studios every year, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing […]

AWS for Games to spotlight generative AI at GDC 2024

With the annual Game Developer Conference (GDC) just days away, Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Games is ramping up to host exciting technology demonstrations and programming focused on evolving industry trends, including generative artificial intelligence (AI). From March 18-22, AWS for Games invites developers to connect with its team and see new AWS for Games […]

Level-Up Player Retention with No-Code Machine Learning Using Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Free-to-play (F2P) games have become a dominant force and model in the gaming industry. Their revenue relies primarily on in-game ads and transactions driven by a large, engaged, and consistent player base. Besides requiring robust infrastructure and backend systems to handle the scale of incoming players, F2P games also require a continual funnel of new players, […]

Setting up a Minecraft Java server on Amazon EC2

Introduction This blog covers how to deploy your own personal Minecraft Java server on AWS. Hosting your server on AWS can eliminate common networking challenges and security concerns associated with at-home servers. Because you have control over the virtual machine, you can configure any mods or plugins that you want. We will use Amazon Elastic […]

How thatgamecompany Fosters Human Connections Through Innovative Technology & Developer Mindset

thatgamecompany (TGC) is a renowned game development studio celebrated for its distinctive approach to creating emotionally engaging games that foster human connections. The company creates titles such as fl0w, Flower, Journey, and Sky: Children of the Light within the studio’s ethos: nurturing positive human interactions, fostering empathy, and generating experiences of inclusivity and understanding between […]

How Milestone turbocharged the ‘Hot Wheels Unleashed’ franchise with Amazon GameLift

When game developer and publisher Milestone released a third-person racing game based on Mattel’s Hot Wheels toy line, “Hot Wheels Unleashed,” in September 2021, it quickly gained a dedicated following. The game sold more than one million copies in less than three months, making it Milestone’s fastest-selling title ever. By April 2023, Milestone had sold […]

Pixel streaming considerations in AWS

Pixel streaming considerations in AWS

The cloud can greatly benefit members of the game industry. It provides a robust and secure development and hosting environment with the latest in computing technology. AWS offers Intel, AMD, ARM, and Nvidia processors combined with an on-demand cost structure. This means developers have computing power when they need it with minimal upfront investment. This […]