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Unreal Engine 5 dedicated server development with Amazon GameLift Anywhere

Unreal Engine 5 dedicated server development with Amazon GameLift Anywhere

Building dedicated servers is challenging, and developers need the ability to quickly test and iterate on their games. The recently updated Amazon GameLift Server SDK from Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides an Unreal Engine plugin that is compatible with both Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5. The plugin makes it easy for Unreal Engine […]

Hosting Persistent World Games on Amazon GameLift

Hosting Persistent World Games on Amazon GameLift

Persistent world use cases have become increasingly popular within multiplayer games, as well as across industries for all kinds of realtime virtual world applications. There are two main games server hosting architectures: session-based and persistent world games. Session-based games group players together through matchmaking for a single short-lived game session. Persistent world games, on the other hand, run the world simulation continuously, with players […]

Small Impact Games

Why Small Impact Games shifted to cloud-based infrastructure on AWS for ‘Marauders’

Learn how the developer improved performance at scale while going fully autonomous As an independent video game developer, Small Impact Games (SIG) is accustomed to making the most of its resources to create player-centric experiences. Based in Leicester, England, the studio’s 12-person team has contributed to 22 different titles since its 2012 founding. In gearing […]

Amazon GameLift launches support for customer managed infrastructure

Amazon GameLift now supports on-premises hardware with Amazon GameLift Anywhere launch

We are excited to announce the general availability of GameLift Anywhere, a new Amazon GameLift feature that decouples game session management from underlying compute resources. With this release, Amazon GameLift can now deploy and manage dedicated game servers hosted on-premises, in the cloud, or through hybrid configurations. The flexibility to deploy and manage game servers […]

Amazon GameLift launches support for AWS Local Zones

Amazon GameLift launches support for AWS Local Zones

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability (GA) of an update to Amazon GameLift that expands support to AWS Local Zones, which increases coverage for game developers, while providing seamless, low-latency gameplay experiences for players. With this update, game developers can tap into 8 new Local Zones in Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, […]

Building a multiplayer game with Amazon GameSparks and Amazon GameLift

Session-based multiplayer games are a popular form of online game, as they provide players with a quick, engaging experience that they can jump into at any time. However, building a scalable and reliable session-based online multiplayer game is not easy, since there are many components that need to be developed. You need game server hosting for […]

AWS for Games

AWS for Games – Helping developers create new gaming experiences with purpose-built services, solutions, and partners

Authors: Chris Lee and David Holladay Game developers are embracing industry-wide transformation and pushing the boundaries of gaming experiences. Developers would rather be building fun, innovative games that delight players, versus spending time and effort handling infrastructure. They need servers that can scale with tens of millions of players anywhere in the world at the […]

Updates to Amazon GameLift FlexMatch for greater flexibility- Now Available

We are excited to announce three updates to Amazon GameLift’s FlexMatch, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) managed service. The service updates expand existing matchmaking functionality that will allow customers to create more evenly matched player teams with greater precision. GameLift FlexMatch is a customizable matchmaking service for multiplayer games. The service launched in 2017 as a […]

CloudWatch Dashboards

Game Server Observability with Amazon GameLift and Amazon CloudWatch

When you’re running game servers to host session-based games for your players globally, it’s important to have as much visibility as possible on what’s happening within those game server processes. This includes collecting metrics and logs in realtime, and capabilities to get insights on this data to investigate issues and find opportunities for performance improvement. […]