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Omeda Studios swaps out ‘Predecessor’ backend in less than five months using Amazon GameLift and Pragma

After running the live game for 16 months, Omeda Studios migrated its backend to Pragma using Amazon GameLift, the dedicated game server management service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The change was implemented ahead of its latest release, which made the game free-to-play across platforms.

Center for BrainHealth teams up with AWS to grow Charisma program using generative AI and cloud gaming

Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, the cognitive neuroscience team at Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas (the center) began experimenting with an idea more than a decade ago – to create a virtual environment using video game technology to help individuals practice developing social skills alongside a coach, in a risk-free […]

How to use Amazon GameLift FlexMatch to implement block and avoid lists

For online game players, a key driver of player satisfaction is the availability of tools for safeguarding individuals and ensuring community health. Competitive games are especially prone to toxic interactions, and a healthy community will increase player retention. Block and avoid lists are a way to ensure that your players don’t have to interact or […]

Fine-tune online game matchmaking with Amazon GameLift FlexMatch rule sets and the Amazon GameLift Testing Toolkit

Creating matches in online games that are fair and fun for everyone is a key part of a great gaming experience. However, as the number of players being matched increases, the number of potential matches increases exponentially, making the task of creating balanced matches more difficult. One way to fine tune matchmaking to deliver high-quality […]

Freedom Games supports the indie game community with AWS

More than entertainment, video games unite people across the globe with common interests. It’s that sense of community that drives Freedom Games to support indie developers in bringing their titles to players worldwide. Established in 2020, Freedom Games has built a platform that supports many indie studios every year, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing […]

AWS for Games updates from re:Invent 2023

During re:Invent 2023, the AWS for Games team showcased the latest ways our customers are using AWS game development tools and introduced several new purpose-built guidance and partner solutions that are now available in the AWS Games Solution Library. Recordings of AWS for Games customer presentations from re:Invent include: Customer Keynote – Riot Games: Riot Games’ […]

How Milestone turbocharged the ‘Hot Wheels Unleashed’ franchise with Amazon GameLift

When game developer and publisher Milestone released a third-person racing game based on Mattel’s Hot Wheels toy line, “Hot Wheels Unleashed,” in September 2021, it quickly gained a dedicated following. The game sold more than one million copies in less than three months, making it Milestone’s fastest-selling title ever. By April 2023, Milestone had sold […]

The Game Developer’s Guide to re:Invent 2023

AWS re:Invent 2023 is fast approaching, and AWS for Games is gearing up to welcome attendees from around the globe at the annual conference for developers in Las Vegas November 27 – December 1. This year, in addition to announcements unveiled during re:Invent keynotes, attendees can check out an exciting array of panel discussions, presentations, […]

Norsfell builds ‘Tribes of Midgard’ Viking empire with Amazon GameLift

Independent game development studio, Norsfell, was founded in 2013 to forge new genres that bring people together. Now approaching its 10th anniversary, Norsfell has grown from a small startup developing mobile games into a studio with nearly 40 team members who helped launch the award-winning multi-platform game, “Tribes of Midgard.” Globally released on July 27, […]

How to host your Unreal Engine game for under $1 per player with Amazon GameLift

How to host your Unreal Engine game for under $1 per player with Amazon GameLift

Introduction Game developers constantly seek innovative ways to create more interactive multiplayer experiences. However, with increasing player expectations, rising game production costs, and growing competition, studios face the challenge of balancing game performance and profitability. Game developers from studios of various sizes tell us that reducing operational costs without compromising player experiences is a top priority […]